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Rep V2 Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

Our squat rack with pullup bar just got better!  Still the same beefy 11 gauge steel construction, but with many extras now included!

Assembly difficulty:  Easy, 20 minutes  -   see the PDFs below for help


  • Dims: 94" high, 72" long, 48" wide, 200 lbs
  • 1,000 lb capacity.
  • 11 gauge steel with 2" hole spacing
  • Uprights are 2.5"x 2.5"
  • 2 weight horns in rear for added stability and plate storage
  • 2 separate pull up bars - The standard 1.25" diameter and a grip/forearm building 2" fat bar. These can be adjusted up to 1 ft lower than the uprights.
  • Plastic lined j-cups to protect your bar.
  • Spotter arms included- plastic lined to protect your barbell. Approx 24" in length.
  • Pegs double as dip bars on the safeties at a 300lb rating. Counter weight when doing dips.
  • Band pegs and holes on the bottom of the rack for extra resistance on your squats and deadlifts.


PDF: Assembly Instructions

PDF: Assembly Quick Tips

Video: Learn more about the Rep Fitness Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to keep both pull-up bars on the rack at all times?

A: Most people will choose to mount only one pull-up bar at a time. We show both mounted in most of our pictures for display purposes only.

Q: Will I have to bolt this rack into the ground?

A: You will NOT need to bolt it into the ground. This rack is very stable on its own and if you add a couple bumper plates to the weight horns on the back it will be rock solid! This rack does feature pre-drilled bolt holes, if you choose to bolt the rack down anyway. (When using the spotter arms rack should either be bolted down or have weight stacked on the weight horns)

Q: Are the safeties, dip handles/band pegs, and J-Cups in included with the price of the rack or do they cost extra?

A: All of these items and both pull-up bars are included with the normal price of this squat rack.

Q: If I don't want the extra pull-up bar, J-Cups, Safeties etc. can I take them off my order to get a cheaper price?

A: The short answer is no. We only make one set of these items per rack so there is no way to offer discount for removing them that would be cost effective. On the upside, these little extras are extremely useful and I think you will certainly enjoy having them. Also the pricing for the high quality squat rack is extremely competitive even with the extras.

Q: Will Rep Fitness help me set up my sweet new V-2 Squat rack?

A: Yes! Let me clarify though; we will not come to your house and put it together for you but don't worry, it is pretty easy. If you are not the hands on type, we have some videos on our website showing you step by step exactly how to put it together. If you are still having trouble beyond that, then feel free to give us a call or sho

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  1. Solid rack, awesome price review by Will on 12/22/2014

    I've been using the rack for about a week now. I got the Home Gym Equipment Package #1 - but wanted to leave a review for the rack as well for other readers.

    I was researching a lot of the other popular brands, and wanted to get something that allowed me to do presses, squats, rack pulls, and pull ups - safely. I was looking at power rack for awhile, but when I saw this rack, it seemed like a better option with my bumper plates.

    Price - hands down the sturdiest rack for the price. I was looking at similar racks that were going for a lot more.
    Construction - overall, everything seems solid. There is some give where the tolerances are, but it still feels like I could drop 450lbs on it and it wouldn't move. (note, I have it weighted down in the back)
    Versatility - A lot of the other racks I looked at, the base price was similar, but this came with band pegs that I use for deadlifts, a fat pull up bar (2in), safeties for bench, and dip pegs (they double with the band pegs) All those extras were costing me another $250 elsewhere - I won't mention the brand out of respect to Rep.
    Speed - Everything shipped within 2 days, and like I said, I got the full home gym package. Easy scheduling the drop off and everything looked good showing up.

    The band pegs/dip attachment pegs that double are the same. They go into the side of the safeties which is a great design, but I think they could be a bit beefier. I weigh 195lbs, and I've used them a couple times with no problem, but I do wish they were a bit beefier.

    For the price and quality and what you're getting, I searched for a couple weeks prior to outfitting my home gym, and I couldn't find a better deal. Very happy. I'll be back when I need more weigh and a GHD!


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Rep SR-4050 - 94" Height

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Heavy duty squat rack with pullup bar

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