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REP V2 Slam Balls

Version 2 of our slam balls are 50% thicker than our standard slam balls, and also come with a reinforced air valve. Super strong and capable of withstanding thousands of slams! Slam balls are used for exactly what it sounds like--slamming them on the ground! Normal medicine balls or wall balls can't take that kind of abuse, but the REP Slam Ball is designed to be thrown to the ground thousands of times without breaking. Grippy textured rubber shell, with sand inside for weight. 

While the "ball slam" movement is very popular in Cross Training/HIIT workouts, it is also a great way to train for almost any sport because of the explosive full body movement behind slamming them down and picking them up quickly. You get the cardio benefit of the lighter weights, and the strength and cardio on the heavy balls. Whether it be for MMA, football, wrestling, or just general athletic training, slam balls will provide magnificent results by incorporating them into your training. There is some give to the balls, so your grip is being challenged, along with your core, posterier chain, and arms... a full body workout! Also a great stress reliever after a long day at work! 

What size slam ball should I use? Well, this is dependent on your strength, but generally speaking, we see females in the 10lb to 25lb range, and males in the 20lb to 40lb range. Kids and beginners do great on a 10lb slam ball, while a fairly strong male should be able to handle a 30lb slam ball just fine! 

REP Slam Balls come with a full 1 year warranty for home use and 6 months for commercial use. Like a tire on a car, slam balls are a consumable good and will occasionally need to be replaced.



  • Version 2 with 50% thicker shell, reinforced air nozzle for MUCH stronger slam ball.
  • 9 inch diameter, Grippy rubber shell with sand filled center, perfect for slamming.
  • Full 1 year warranty for home use, 6 month commercial.
  • Very low bounce.

REP V2 Slam Balls

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