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4000-Series Squat Rack

Our redesigned 4000 Series Squat Rack offers maximum stability with bombproof construction and improved compatibility with REP attachments!

Uprights now come in 3x3” 11-gauge steel with 5/8” hardware. Our favorite feature of this Squat Rack is that it will work with almost all of the accessories in REP’s 4000 series line up - yes, even our Monolift and ISO Arms. You're welcome. The long, flat-footed base helps promote stability while also alleviating the need to bolt the rack down. Athletes performing kipping pull-ups or other gymnastic movements will find that this rack is rock solid – Add weight onto the rear weight horns or bolt your rack to the ground (utilizing the pre-drilled feet) and this rack can handle just about anything you’ll throw at it.


  • Two height options to suit your needs ( 96" &103"). 
  • Sturdy 3x3” 11ga steel.
  • Compatibility with most REP 4000 series attachments.
  • 1” spacing throughout the bench press area.
  • Base-mounted weight horns for weight storage and added stability.
  • Long base with pre-drilled feet for optional floor-mounting.
  • 103” height option is great for taller athletes who want to perform kipping movements.

Thanks to its extra-stable and versatile design, this squat rack offers as much utility as you’d expect from a power rack at a fraction of the cost – squat, bench press, banded movements, pull-ups and much more. Make it your own by adding upgraded J-cups, spotter arms and other REP 4000 series attachments!


  • Includes Standard PR-4000 J-cups and 1.25” pull-up bar.
  • 5/8” holes on the uprights, 5/8” holes at the rear of the base, 1” holes on the sides of the base.
  • Not compatible with: The REP Belt Squat, Lat/Low Row Attachment.
  • Base dimensions: 73" x 53"
  • Weight: 96": 230lbs, 103": 237lbs
  • Weight Capacity: This is based off of the j-cup capacity which is <1500lbs.
The model in the photos is 5'7" and working out on the 96" Squat Rack.

SR-4000 Squat Rack

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Our best-selling squat rack is back with even more to offer!

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