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REP Medicine Balls

Although the primary use for this item is the wall ball exercise, you can also use them for abdominal twists, side to side throws with a partner, squat targets, cleans, etc. A full body exercise like the wall ball targets everything though! Not only does it work your glutes, shoulders, grip, posterior chain, and core, but it also helps you build coordination and timing. You just throw the ball at the wall, right? Wrong! Learning to drop down into a full depth squat at exactly the right time and hitting the wall in just the right spot is harder than it sounds.

Our REP Wall Balls are soft and grippable, unlike some of the cheaply made, rock hard medicine balls. This is important for when you miss that target. V2 now has an even grippier texture.

*Note* This is not a slam ball.  Using it as such will make your medicine ball's life decrease and it will void the warranty.  Please check out the REP Slam Balls for that!


  • 14" diameter for all weights.
  • Soft, yet grippy upgraded synthetic leather for V2
  • Hand-made and double-stitched with thick thread.
  • Well balanced- no wobble.
  • Color coded by weight - easy to differentiate.
  • Stitched logo and weight - no wearing off of cheap plastic logos.




Medicine balls are perfect for developing explosive movements, training core strength, and improving coordination. Use medicine balls for wall ball shots, med ball cleans, throws, partner workouts, and more! Our REP medicine balls are soft, grippy, and perfectly balanced for wobble-free workouts.  

*IMPORTANT* This is not a slam ball.  Using it as such will make your medicine ball's life decrease and it will void the warranty.  Please check out our REP Slam Balls for that! 

REP Medicine Ball Features 

  • 14" diameter for all weights 
  • Soft and grippy synthetic leather 
  • Hand-made double-stitched with extra thick threading 
  • Well balanced with zero wobble 
  • Color coded by weight for easy identification 
  • Stitched logo and weight that won’t wear off 

What’s The Difference Between Slam Balls and Medicine Balls?

Medicine balls are typically hand-made using stitching and a variety of external shells, like leather or synthetic materials. They are designed for training dynamic movements, such as throwing, not slamming. 

Slam balls are made from thick rubber, filled with sand, and have an air valve that releases pressure to prevent bursting. They’re meant to be slammed thousands of times without breaking and generally have a soft, shifting feel. 

REP V2 Medicine Balls

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Reinforced stitching and durable shell let you go balls to the wall worry-free.

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