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REP GHD - Glute Ham Developer

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Commercial-quality GHD for a home gym price.




The REP Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) is made for working the posterior chain muscles - glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.  Strengthening these muscles has been shown to reduce ACL / MCL injuries by helping balance upper leg muscles - as we are usually quadricep dominant from squats, running, sports, etc.  You can flip over and use it for some targeted abdominal workouts, too!

Our GHD includes many advanced features:

  • Band pegs for resistance work.
  • A bearing system for the footplate which makes height adjustments quick and easy. 
  • A mounting footplate to make it easy to get on and off the glute ham developer.
  • Wheels on the back make it easy to move.
  • Thick padding with a durable vinyl cover and steel endcaps on the foot pads finish off the unit.

Assemble difficulty:  Easy, 15-20 minutes

Specs:  Dims: 42" high (top of butt pads), 70" long, 36" wide, 150 lbs. Footplate measures 21x15"

GHD Installation


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