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Rep V2 Sandbags

Rep sandbags are designed to be ultra-durable and easy to use for any sandbag workouts. New updated design with stronger, reinforced handles and extra durable/waterproof bag fabric. 




Small Sandbag (5-25 lbs) Includes:

  • Sandbag shell
  • 1 small filler bag


Medium Sandbag (25-75 lbs) Includes:

  • Sandbag shell
  • 1 small and 1 large filler bag


Large Sandbag (50-125 lbs) Includes:

  • Sandbag shell
  • 3 large filler bags 


XL Sandbag (125-200 lbs) Includes:

  • Sandbag shell
  • 4 large filler bags


Important Note: Ideal working weight range for sandbags is 70-80% of the max capacity. Any less, and the bag will feel a bit empty, any more, and the sand will not shift much in the bag. 

DO NOT fill filler bags beyond 3/4 full. Doing so will increase the chance of bursting.

1 year warranty covering normal wear and tear. Sandbags are not designed to be slammed, dragged, or filled directly with sand (without filler bags).


  • 1000D Cordura for maximum durability
  • Large YKK zipper
  • 7 handles
  • Handles are all soft to avoid any chance of uncomfortable contact points on your shoulders
  • Cross-stitched and triple/quadruple stitched with heavy-duty thread - handstitched and reinforced with metal grommets
  • Filler bags are double velcro design for leak resistance
  • Stitched-in logo and weight capacity


Additional Information

Gear Specs


Brand Rep Fitness
Material 1000D Cordura
Handles 6


Triple/Quadruple Stitched

Medium Weight Range 25-75 lbs
Large Weight Range 50-125 lbs
Medium Filler Bags

1 Large Filler Bag

1 Small Filler Bag

Large Filler Bags 3 Large Filler Bags

REP V2 Sandbags

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Heavy duty fitness sandbags.

New V2 design with stronger, reinforced, hand stitched handles, and waterproof fabric. 

NOTE: Sand is not included.

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