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Rep Kettlebells

Kettlebells allow you to combine cardiovascular training with weight training into ballistic movements that strengthen your body. Our kettlebells range in size from 4kg (9 lbs) all the way up to 48 kg (106 lbs), giving everyone the opportunity to cater to their specific physical needs, and even challenge themselves to a heavier weight when ready. From kettlebell swings, to goblet squats, to snatches, the kettlebell is a versatile piece of equipment that can help build strength and endurance in many ways. 

Why Choose Rep Kettlebells

  • Superior Manufacturing Methods:  Single-cast gravity casting is a cutting-edge technique that results in kettlebells much higher in quality than their sand casted cousins. The castic process ensures that each kettlebell is extremely well made, with perfectly flat bases that allow for push-ups and no wobbling, smooth handles, and an overall excellent finish.
  • Best Coating: Our matte black textured finish is the best coating for kettlebells because it won't cause your grip to slip, yet it won't tear up your hands. It holds chalk very well, but it isn't necessary unless you're sweating.
  • Color Coded Handles: Our handles follow the international kettlebell standards, which allow for an instructor to easily spot which kettlebells their clients/athletes are using.
  • Kilogram and Pound Markings: Each kettlebell is labeled with both units of measurement. No more pulling out the calculator to figure out how much you are swinging!
  • Kettlebell Sets: 8 to 24 kg set includes: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 kg kettlebells.  Save money and give yourself options for warming up, and other exercises like push press, one arm swings, or pair up the kettlebells to do kettlebell push ups, 2 handed overhead press, overhead squat and more!


Weights/Handle Colors/Handle Diameter:

  • 4kg/9lbs - White - 30mm
  • 6kg/13lbs - Grey - 30mm
  • 8kg/18lbs - Pink - 32mm
  • 10kg/22lbs - Orange - 32mm
  • 12kg/26lbs - Blue - 32mm
  • 14kg/31lbs - Brown - 32mm
  • 16kg/35lbs - Yellow - 33mm
  • 18kg/40lbs - Black - 33mm
  • 20kg/44lbs - Grey - 38mm
  • 22kg/48lbs - Black - 38mm
  • 24kg/53lbs - Green - 39mm
  • 28kg/62lbs - Orange - 40mm
  • 32kg/70lbs - Red - 40mm
  • 36kg/80lbs - White - 40mm
  • 40kg/88lbs - Blue - 40mm
  • 44kg/97lbs - Brown - 40mm
  • 48kg/106lbs - Black - 40mm


Video: Learn more about the Rep Fitness Kettlebells

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  1. Will Buy Again review by Silent Temple on 8/4/2016

    Wonderful kettlebells: high quality, great design, and very good material relative to the price and other kettlebell manufacturers. Will buy again. Also, shipping was super fast.

  2. Excellent product review by KB on 7/22/2016

    Nice powder coat finish and extremely well packaged. Highly recommended.

  3. Perfection review by Calhoun on 6/10/2016

    I love Rep Fitness kettle bells! My trainer recommended them to me when I first started working with him. I only bought one to start out with it, but loved it so much I just purchased my second. The texture of the bell helps to prevent the bell from getting slippery when I sweat and doesn't chip off like enamel coated bells. Highly recommend!

  4. Awesome Choice! Glad I went with Rep Fitness kettlebells!! review by Marcel on 9/26/2015

    I bought 3 kettlebells without having any prior experience or knowledge of Rep Fitness. I had researched several brands (Ader, Dragon Door, Again Faster and others) and found these were within the right price range and appeared (from the promo video) to be a good quality bell. The free shipping sealed the deal, as that actually made them less expensive than other options.

    Not only are these bells beautiful and extremely high-quality, but I found the transaction with Rep Fitness was really customer-friendly. There was a "quirk" about the shipping and I had to call to trace their where-abouts. No problems what-so-ever in dealing with the company. I had all of my bells within one week of placing my order, and would have been faster except USPS was involved...So glad I chose to go with these! I'm already putting them to good use and they're great!

  5. really happy review by Ben on 1/31/2015

    When I buy a kettlebell, I wasn't it to be an heirloom item that my sons son with use. The coating on most bells will easily chip creating sharp edges which is a huge problem. These bells don't have that problem. Is crazy durable, it's gonna last 100 years, looks good, I like the color coding, great price, I'm hoping they begin offering bigger sizes.

  6. I'm so happy!!! review by Cheapsk8 on 1/11/2015

    I just got a 53lbs kettlebell from rep a few days ago. All I can say is I am so happy the first time I used it. I have been using kettlebells for 3 years now and I love the finish on this one. Also my hands are a large size glove and the handle is the perfect size so it doesn't hurt my pinky fingers. I could not of gotten a better deal anywhere else.

  7. perfect fit and finish review by scott on 12/21/2014

    These kettlebells are the best deal going. They don't have cheap paint that chips and their finish is perfect. Not too much grip but enough where you feel in control. Completely happy with my purchase.

  8. Excellent review by dylan on 11/26/2014

    I just received my stuff couple weeks ago. Ive already beat on mine. The finish is amazing. The grip excellent they take chalk very well. Ive probably put 2000 swing on my 35lb'r. My clients as many. Only thing is the paint banding looks little sloppy, but thats hardly something to complain just constructive criticism. The shipping was hasty. Packaging wasnt as shown on video. The were put in a box together with subsequent minor scoring. No big but something was little disappointed to see. Overall very satisfied. Will be ordering more very soon. Thk you RF! \m/

    (Rep Fitness owner note: Video displaying packaging is for the competition kettlebells only. Glad everything showed up with only minor issues! The way we ship keeps our kettlebells the highest quality for the best price on the market. Also, we just received new kettlebells 11/22/14, so all the color coding paint is top notch now! Thank you Dylann and look forward to supplying you again!)

  9. Great quality review by Oliver Mosley on 9/17/2014

    Rep fitness actually have good quality KBs. If I'm saying it correctly they are made by gravity displacement NOT cast iron iron molding. So the bells are smooth and even and have a good even thickness from horns to handle. Honestly you can't go wrong if you buy you will not be wasting your time. Check their competition bells too

  10. The equipment was of excellent quality and price was far better than anywhere else. Very happy. review by Mike McHugh on 9/15/2014

    I stopped by to do the local pickup. One of the co-owners, Shane, greeted me right away. He was very nice, and asked me what I was looking for. He showed me where they had the equipment displayed on one side of the warehouse with price lists there. It was all of a high quality and Shane told me of the warranties on the equipment I had picked out. I had already picked out what I wanted on the website before going there. Its not really a retail store so I suggest visiting the website first. I was having a hard time finding bumper plates and kettlebells priced reasonable anywhere else, even used. Their prices were great and I really love the equipment. I will go back eventually without fail.

  11. Good Service Good price review by Marlon on 9/8/2014

    My 24kg kettelbell purchase was simple and smooth. It arrived in solid packaging, on time.

  12. Great turnaround time, quality product! review by Mike on 9/8/2014

    I ordered my first KB on the internet from these guys and it was an awesome experience. The KB came and I'm VERY impressed. The handle lets me use KB Swings with ease and it's top quality.

    When it's time to go to a heavier KB, I'll be coming back!

  13. Excellent quality kettlebells, fast and easy shipping! review by Brant on 9/8/2014

    I was very happy with the quality of the kettlebells I received. Absolutley accurate weights, perfectly balanced, the handles are cery comfortable, smooth, and easy on the hands. Would definately recommend and an going to purchase more.

  14. Full review review by Joel on 4/29/2014

    It’s a kettlebell: you swing it, snatch it, goblet it, row it…you get the deal. Sounds like a pretty general object, right? Like how could you even mess this one up? You’d be surprised.

    There’s nothing out there that rips up my hands more than kettlebells. To be completely honest, I haven’t actually used many different kinds outside the ones we have at my affiliate; which range from super thick handled enamel coated ones that crack and chip, to matte cast iron ones and glossy cast iron ones. All of which either slippery, rip my hands up, or both. I haven’t used one of those steel competition kettlebells, but I’ve heard those ones are pretty crappy on the hands as well. Granted, they all get the job done and to be completely honest, they’re not all that bad (besides the enamel coated POS’). None however, can hold a candle, as far as feeling goes, to the Rep Fitness Iron Bull kettlebell.

    From the moment you lay your hands on the Iron Bull, you’ll feel sheer quality. The matte black hammertone finish begs on the kettlebell begs for it to be snatched. A light dusting of chalk and you’re good to go. Since the finish is matte, it holds chalk very well and doesn’t ever feel like it’s going to slip out of your hands. The handle is the perfect diameter for me; I’ve got pretty small hands and I don’t have any issues with being able to wrap my fingers around the horns. The handle also has no trace of a seam, so you won’t have to worry about that ripping your hands up. The bottom of the bell is ground flat and is nice and wide so the kettlebell doesn’t rock around when you put it down. This should be good for man-makers and renegade rows, though I’ve only got one kettlebell so I can’t really test those movements. The kettlebells we use at my affiliate in 24kg’s have a rubber pad secured to the bottom of the bell with a large screw that sometimes gets un-done. The rubber would be great for protection if that screw didn’t always come out. I’ve had it come out during a farmers carry and dig into my shoulder; not a pleasant experience. As far as weight goes, it feels just like the other 24kg/53lb kettlebells I’ve used, so I’ll take their word for it that it’s an accurate number.

    I don’t know if you’ve done much kettlebell shopping, but if you have, you’ll know that shipping these things costs a fortune. You might be able to find a better price on the kettlebell alone out there, but with shipping combined, most come out to over $100 for a 24kg! Probably the best part about the Rep Fitness Iron Bull is that they offer $13 flat rate shipping for 24kg and below. The grand total for one shipped was $77 dollars! If only they offered that on the 32kg kettlebell! The overall deal for the Iron Bull is probably the best you’ll find out there.

    A kettlebell is a great piece of equipment to have. It’s versatile and can be used for pretty much a full body workout. It’s one of the more invaluable things to have for your home gym, but why pay more when you have something like the Rep Fitness Iron Bull? This is the best deal in kettlebells. It might even be one of the best kettlebells out there regardless of price.

  15. Just right review by Paul Petry on 4/29/2014

    I've used a couple other Kettlebells and Rep Fitness steps up with some quality. I own some Dragon Door KBs and another random one from Dick's. I also have used Again Faster's as well. DD and AF have smooth finishing and coating. Rep Fitness has a tad bit more gritty finish that I appreciate more than looking to chalk for more grip. High rep swings and snatches will demand some grip and Rep Fitness' product has stepped in the right direction. I have also experienced with other KBs is that the base isn't flat and steady which considered when performing push ups or renegade rows. A quality KB will have that and no mold seams on the handle.

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REP Kettlebells

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Rep Fitness kettlebells are cast to the highest standards for a great finish and feel.

Kettlebell Sets: Save money by purchasing a set. 8 to 24 kg set includes: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 kg kettlebells.  Have more options for warming up, single arm swing, presses, or get the double set for farmer's carries and double swings!

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REP Kettlebell - 14 kg (31 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 16 kg (35 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 18 kg (40 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 20 kg (44 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 22 kg (48 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 24 kg (53 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 28 kg (62 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 32 kg (70 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 36 kg (80 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 40 kg (88 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 44 kg (97 lbs)
REP Kettlebell - 48 kg (106 lbs)
8-24 kg Single Set - (1) ea 8,12,16,20,24
8-24 kg Double Set - (2) ea 8,12,16,20,24
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