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Rep AB-3000 FID Adjustable Bench - Different color options available!

The REP Fitness FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench is great for hitting multiple angles when you workout. Ideal for home and light commercial use, the bench has a thick, firm, 2.5" pad wrapped in very durable textured vinyl for maximum comfort and support. The solid steel ladder has 7 positions, including -20(decline), 0 (flat), 20, 35, 50, 65, and 85 degrees to accommodate any workout routine. The seat has multiple adjustment angles to give you more support as your back angle changes. Great as an incline bench, and also to get some decline bench workouts in as well! Innovative features include a bare steel back adjustment ladder to prevent the chipping and flaking of paint from metal-on-metal contact seen on other adjustable benches. Choose your favorite color to personalize your home gym! 

Assembly difficulty:  Easy, 15 minutes  -  video below and PDFs. Ships mostly assembled.

*Important Assembly Notes - READ ALL* Be sure to tighten down the bolts that are already assembled, otherwise the bench may not feel stable.  Also, put all the bolts in place and keep it loosely tightened, then go around and tighten each one down - but do not over-tighten the bolts. 

Specs: Dims: 17.5" high (in flat position), 54" long, 26" wide, 95 lbs

PDF: Assembly Instructions

PDF: Assembly Quick Tips


Additional Information

Gear Specs


Brand Rep Fitness
Material Steel, variable thickness
Dimensions 54x26x17.5"
Product Weight 85 lbs
Warranty 30 days on pads, 10 years on frame
Weight Capacity 1,000 lbs
Adjustments -20 to 85 degrees
Ladder positions 7
Seating positions Multiple
Pad Gap 2"
Pad Thickness 2.5"
Height 17.5"

AB-3000 FID Adjustable Bench

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The REP Fitness Adjustable Bench is a true flat, incline, decline (FID) bench with a solid steel bolted ladder. Weighing almost 90lbs, this is an awesome bench at a great price. 

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