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REP Pull-Up Bands 

Resistance bands have many uses, including pull up assistance, adding resistance to stretches and bodyweight exercises, as well as adding resistance to the barbell for many different lifts.

Pull up bands are great for working your way up to a full un-assisted pullup. Pull-ups are one of the best ways to build your back and biceps, and the bands are best used wrapped around a pull-up bar and then around your knees to help provide assistance. Choose the band you need based on how much assistance you need.

These bands can also be used as strength bands, which are generally refering to using the bands for adding resistance to the barbell. If your rack has band pegs, you can wrap the bands around the pegs and around the sleeve on your barbell to add resistance to many exercises. Strength bands are great for adding resistance at the easier parts of the lift, such as the top of your bench press, due to the increasing resistance as the bands are stretched.


  • XXX Light (Yellow): 0.25 inches, 5-15 lbs resistance (light resistance for stretching or banded exercises)
  • XX Light (Red):  0.5 inches, 5-35 lbs resistance (resistance for stretching exercises)
  • X Light (Black): 0.85 inch, 20-60 lbs of resistance (light resistance for strength training or calisthenics)
  • Light (Purple): 1.25 inches, 30-80 lbs of resistance (good for light pull-up assistance or strength training)
  • Medium (Green): 1.75 inches, 40-110 lbs of resistance (good for intermediate or light-weight beginners with pull-ups)
  • Heavy (Blue): 2.5 inches, 60-150 lbs of resistance (good for beginners with pull-ups or people over 200 lbs, and strong athletes for weightlifting)
  • X Heavy (Orange): 3.25 inches, 70-175 lbs of resistance (mainly for adding weight to power lifts)







REP Pull-Up Bands

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Starting at $6.00

REP Pull-Up Bands - able to be used for resistance on lifts, pull up assistance, stretching, rehab exercises and more...

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REP XXX-Light Band - Yellow
REP XX-Light Band - Red
REP X-Light Band - Black
REP Light Band - Purple
REP Medium Band - Green
REP Heavy Band - Blue
REP X-Heavy Band - Orange
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REP Pull-up Bands Bundle 1 (1 each of red, black, purple, green, blue)
REP Pull-up Bands Bundle 2 (1 each of red, black)
REP Pull-up Bands Bundle 3 (1 each of red, black, purple)
REP Pull-up Bands Bundle 4 (1 each of red, black, purple, green)
REP Pull-up Bands Bundle 5 (1 each of black, purple, green)
REP Pull-up Bands Bundle 6 (1 each of purple, green, blue)
REP Pull-up Bands Bundle 7 (1 each of black, purple, green, blue)

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