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REP PR-1100 Power Rack

When you need a full featured power rack that won’t break the bank, look no further! Rated at 700 pounds, the PR-1100 was designed with home and garage gym owners in mind, and gives you all the professional features you want in a compact, versatile package.


  1. Multi-Grip Pullup Arch – Perfect for traditional, neutral, close or wide-grip pullups. It features a standard pull up bar size on the front, and a thicker pull-up bar on the back side!  Easily attach REP pull up assistance bands if you need them!
  2. Numbered Uprights – Make faster and more accurate adjustments for your safeties and j-cups. Stop guessing where to put your j-cup.
  3. Plastic Lined J-Cups – The industry standard to reduce noise and protect your barbell's knurl to avoid rusting.
  4. Extended Safeties – Chrome plated safety bars extend out and can be used to rack a barbell.  We do recommend to mainly use our J-cups to protect both the finish and knurl of your barbell.  Buy an extra pair to help!


Combine several PR-1000 series attachments, a REP bench, barbell, and plates to get a complete home or garage gym setup with endless exercise options.  The REP lat pull down and row attachment, dip handles, weight horns, and landmine attachments all work with the PR-1100!  From landmine presses and core twists, to cable shoulder raises, squats, and multi-grip pull up options - it's an all-in-one power rack.


  • Total footprint: 84” tall x 48” wide x 47.5” deep (84" is to top of pull-up bar, when mounted as shown in the photos, Top of uprights is 82" if you prefer to mount the pull-up bar upside down)
  • Interior area: 79” high x 44” wide x 45.5” deep
  • Hardware size: 3 1/8”
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Upright Hole Spacing: 3"
  • 1" diameter holes
  • Weight Capacity: 700lbs
  • Pullup Bar Capacity: 400lbs
  • 14 gauge steel
  • Covered by a 2 year warranty
  • Optional add-ons:
    • Dip attachment (400lbs weight capacity)
    • Lat Pull-down attachment (250lbs weight capacity)
    • Weight Horn attachments (sold in pairs)
    • Landmine attachment 


Get the best bang for your buck and gym space with our fully featured PR-1100 home gym power rack. We went back to the drawing board to create the most versatile power rack possible for space constrained home and garage gyms. Rated at 700 pounds with a compact 84" x 48" x 47.5" footprint, our PR-1100 is the most cost-effective way to complete your home gym. 

Form, Meet Function

We crammed as many thoughtful features into the PR-1100 as we could so you can focus on what matters - training.  

PR-1100 Features

  • Height Adjustable Multi-Grip Pullup Arch - Built for traditional, neutral, close, and wide-grip pullups with standard 1.25" bar in front and 2" bar in back. It's inverted design accommodates low ceilings and athletes of various heights, while pullup band attachment points also help with pullup progressions, mobility, and resistance work. 
  • Laser Engraved Numbered Uprights - Make fast and accurate adjustments for your J-hooks and safety bar. Stop the guessing games and get on with your set. 
  • Plastic-Lined J-cups - Metal on metal is no dice, so we line our J-cups with UHMW industrial-grade plastic to keep your barbell quiet and scratch-free. 
  • Extended Safeties - The PR-1100 has your back! Chrome plated safety bars extend generously from the rack and can also hold an extra barbell. (We recommend using plastic-lined J-Cups to protect the finish of your barbell. Snag another pair for extra storage.)

Choose The Best Power Rack Add-ons

Build the right gym for your training goals with our modular attachments and functional accessories. Start with one of our acclaimed weight benchesOlympic barbells, and Olympic plates for a complete home gym solution. Then, add your favorite power rack accessories create your perfect all-in-one setup. 

Strength and power athletes love the dip handles and landmine attachment for training different muscle groups. Add the lat pull down and row attachment for functional body-building options, like cable curls, tricep pull-downs, leg extensions, and more. And don't worry about loose plates. Optional Weight Storage Horns save space and keeps your gear organized. 

With the PR-1100 home gym power rack, there's no better time to bring the gym home. Build yours today! 

PR-1100 Assembly Instructions

PR-1100 Printable Step-by-Step Manual

Assembly difficulty: Easy, 30 minutes


REP PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack

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Max your lifts - not your credit card - with our compact and customizable PR-1100 home gym power rack. 



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