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PR-4000 | 30" DEPTH | 6-POST POWER RACK 

The PR-4000 is a heavy-duty, 1,000 lb rated commercial-grade power rack featuring 3x3” 11 gauge steel with 1” hole spacing through the bench zone and 5/8” pin holes. If you're looking for a "never need to upgrade" home gym power rack, or a centerpiece for your commercial facility weight room, this is it.

The 30" depth 6-post rack with lat pull/low row is a space efficient version of the PR-4000 with a ton of functionality. 30" depth is enough for most people to feel comfortable in, while the weight storage makes it convenient to load and unload the barbell, all while adding a ton of stability. No need to bolt this one down, it isn't going anywhere.

The lat pull/low row attachment adds an incredible amount of workout variety while taking up very little additional space. Check out our video below for examples.

Multiple color and height options combine with an ever-expanding list of accessories and attachments to create the only power rack system you'll ever need. Every rack comes with our top rear logo cross-member which serves as a convenient anchor point for future attachments you may want to add, and from there the rest of the rack is up to you.

PR-4000 Power Rack Features

  • Laser-cut numbering every five holes takes the guesswork out of lining up J-cups, safeties, and other attachments 
  • 3x3 power rack with 5/8" diameter hardware is stable and secure 
  • 1" hole spacing through the bench area 
  • 2” hole spacing outside the bench area 
  • Rear cross-member with laser-cut logo for extra rigidity and side-to-side stability 
  • Exclusive attachment ecosystem using 5/8” holes for endless customization (all attachments include protective inner and outer liners to protect bars and paint on your uprights) 
  • Rated to 1,000lbs 


  • (3) Pairs of Uprights in the color & height of your choice
  • (1) Set of 30" Crossmembers in the color of your choice
  • (1) Set of 16" Crossmembers in the same color as your 24" crossmembers
  • Laser-cut REP Logo Plate
  • (1) Pull-up Bar of your choice
  • (1) Pair of Safeties of your choice
  • (1) Pair of J-cups of your choice
  • (1) Lat/Low Row Attachment w/ Rear Base Stabilizer Included- Make sure to choose the same height as your uprights!
  • (1) Front Foot Extension Pair
  • (1) Leg Roller Attachment
  • (2) Pairs of 6" Weight Horns
  • (3) Pairs of 12" Weight Horns

*Note: These items are set as pre-selections for you. If you wish to alter this configuration by upgrading or adding attachments, you can!*

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PR-4000 | 30" Depth | 6-Post + Lat

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Our classic PR-4000 3x3 Power Rack in a 6-post configuration with integrated weight storage and Lat/Low Row Attachment.

*Pictured with optional upgrades: Sandwich j-cups, strap safeties, multi-grip pullup bar, 93" height (highly recommended unless ceiling height is an issue)

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