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Classic single-sided black iron Olympic plates with a premium matte finish.

Old School Olympic Iron Plates for Home Gyms

REP Old School Iron Plates are the gold standard for any home gym. Revel in the sound of heavy metal as you sling classic iron on your bar. Featuring a high-quality matte finish and single-sided design, these solid iron Olympic plates are perfect for strength training and powerlifting. Pick them up securely with their deep lip, then load ‘em up for squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, curls, lunges, and more. Old School Iron Plates are time-tested tough and last a lifetime – perfect for your brutal training days.  

*2.5 lb Plates COMING SOON!

Standard Iron Plates vs Old School Iron Plates

What’s the difference between our Standard Iron Plates and our Old School Iron plates? Our Standard Plates are double-sided with a lip on both sides. Our Old School Iron Plates are single-sided with a deep lip for proper handling. Both types of iron plates are cast and coated with a matte finish with raised silver lettering.

Plate Set Options

240 lb Set = (1) pair each of 45 lb, 35 lb, 25 lb, 10 lb, 5 lb plates 

440 lb Set =  (3) pair of 45 lb, (1) pair of 35 & 25 lb, (2) pairs of 10 lb & (1) pair of 5 lb plates 

*2.5 lb plates arriving approximately 6/2/2021

REP Old School Iron Plates

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Nothing can replace the classics. These single-sided Olympic iron plates feature a premium matte black finish and price tag that won’t break the bank.

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240lb Old School Set
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440lb Old School Set
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