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REP Sport Plates

Looking for premium bumper plates with the rugged reliability of your favorite pair of hiking boots? You’ve found ‘em. 

REP Sport Plates are among the most durable bumper plates on the market. These plates are designed to withstand whatever you can throw at them – Slam them from overhead in your home gym, driveway, commercial gym, or throw them in the back of your pickup and get some reps in on the side of a mountain, we won’t judge (but send us pictures!). 

Handling these plates is a breeze thanks to their unique, textured exterior and softgrippy rubber. These plates feature tough but pliable rubber, which means you get all the benefits you expect from high-quality bumper plates, plus a little extra. These plates offer low bounce for easy movement cycling and up to 10% lower decibel output when dropped from overhead. Great for commercial use and perfect for home gyms!

  • Ultra-durable. Seriously. 
  • Textured rubber around the outer edge for easy handling.
  • Low bounce.
  • Great for commercial use.
  • Up to 10% quieter than standard black bumpers when dropped from overhead.

**Note: Product packaging will temporarily show "Silencer Plate" instead of "Sport Plate".**

Sport Plates

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Introducing our new premium bumper plates! 

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