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Rep Fitness Ultimate Home Gym V2 Package

The Rep Fitness Ultimate Home Gym is the creation of one of the owner's ideas of what an amazing home gym would include - bar none. If you're serious about getting in shape, welcome home to your castle.

Nearly $200 in savings compared to purchasing all items separately. For any modifications beyond the options available, please contact us directly via e-mail or phone.

Default Package Includes:

  • PR-5000 Rack with weight storage
  • Gladiator barbell (choose 15kg or 20kg)
  • AB-3000 Adjustable bench
  • 340 pounds of black bumper plates (2 Pair each 45-10, 1 pair each 35-25)
  • 20 lb Medicine Ball
  • Wood Rings with numbered straps
  • 25 lb Slam Ball
  • 40 lb Slam Ball
  • Large sandbag (choose your color)
  • Speed Rope
  • Large Plyo Box (30" x 24" x 20")
  • In-between Plyo Box (20" x 18" x 16")
  • 8-24kg Kettlebell set (2 each) - 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg
  • Kettlebell Rack
  • Set of Rep Pull-up Bands - 2 Black (X-Light), 2 Green (Medium);
  • Small Foam Roller
  • Ab Support Mat with Tailbone Protection (choose your color)
  • 3 Barbell Gun Rack
  • Flex Timer Home Edition
  • 5 lb iron plate pair
  • 2.5 lb iron plate pair
  • Spring Clips
  • Rep T-shirt (choose your size)
  • Rep Hoodie (choose your size)


Want more? Here are the major items you should consider adding: 

  • Rep Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set with Dumbbell Rack - Dumbbells are great for isolating movements that barbells can't.  We have 5-50 pound and 5-100 pound sets with racks.
  • Battle Ropes - There is a reason professional athletes use them.  A great conditioning tool, whether used as for traditional battle rope exercises, or to swing over your pull up bar to build a steel grip doing pull ups.
  • Power Sled - Another tool often used by pro athletes.  An insanely good way to build fast and hard conditioning.
  • GHD - The posterior chain, and specifically the glutes and hamstrings are often overlooked or under-worked.  This causes imbalances in your body, and a higher possibility of injury.   The Glute Hamstring Developer works your hamstrings and butt harder than anything else out there.  A great tool for developing abs of steel as well. 

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Rep Fitness Ultimate Home Gym V2

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Welcome home. Play your own music, and never wait in line for the rack or bench again.

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