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REP Wide Pad

Out of Stock

Add-on wide pad for our FB-5000, FB-4000 or FB-3000 Flat Benches.

*Does not include bench frame.*

Out of Stock

The REP Wide Pad is the perfect addition to your FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench if you are chasing big numbers. Same grippy material featured on our standard pad, but 2" wider and double the thickness of plywood base to provide you with more support in your heaviest lifts.

Now also compatible with the FB-3000 and FB-4000!


  • Promotes Scapular movement
  • Eliminates Shoulder Hangover
  • Optimizes Back and Upper body Positioning
  • Increases mechanic leverages


What this means for you: more power in your lifts and less risk of injury. (You may need to buy some more plates!) 

Dimensions: 48.5" x 14" x 4" 

*When used with our FB-5000 Bench, the top of pad height will still be 17".*

*Does not include bench frame*

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