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REP Push Sled

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The REP Power Push Sled

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REP Push Sled

Pushing a sled sounds pretty easy, right? A sled is truly a piece of equipment you will both love (for its versatility) and hate (for the level of intensity). It can help increase your General Physical Preparedness (GPP), strength, and endurance. It is a great piece of equipment for those who aren't fond of traditional cardio, while providing benefits you wouldn't normally get through weights alone.

Commercial-grade Quality and Space Saver:
Our commercial-grade sled is designed to let you push heavy without busting your budget. It weighs over 70lbs with a black powder coating for a better grip. As a bonus, replaceable skid feet are available - if, by chance, you are football team using this every day, you won't have to buy a whole new push sled. With removable poles, you'll save space when you're not using it. Pop them out when you're done, and set the sled against the wall out of the way.

Welded Eye Bolts:
Located on the front of the sled, the 3 welded eye bolts allow you to hook up a harness to do sprints or attach a rope to do pulls.

Team Workouts:
Do team workouts! Load up the sled and have two people push - intervals, relay workouts, or races, the options are endless.

Assemble difficulty:  Easy, 10 minutes

Specs:  Dims: 42" high, 40" long, 38" wide, 75 lbs


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