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Landmine for PR-1100, PR-3000, SR-4000, HR-5000 and PR-5000

Attached to your power rack's upright, the landmine allows you to use your barbell for various exercises that build core and shoulder strength, both of which are important for any athletic performance. Perform a broad range of exercises including landmine rows, landmine presses, Russian twists, and bent over rows (among many others).


  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Total Length: 16"
  • Tube Length: 11.5"


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Gear Specs


Brand Rep Fitness
Product Weight 8 lbs
Total Length 16"
Tube Length 11.5"

Landmine attachment for Power Racks

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The Power Rack landmine attachment is perfect to pair with your barbell and add various shoulder and core exercises to your training.

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