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4000 Series

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  1. REP PR-4000 Power Rack

    Heavy Duty 3x3" 11-gauge power rack with 1 inch hole spacing throughout the bench area

    If you purchased a rack with any pre-order components, your entire rack will ship January 25-February 15, 2020.


  2. REP PR-4100 Folding Wall Mount Squat & Power Rack

    Create a functional workout space in your garage and still have space to park your car!

    Compatible with REP PR-4000 Landmine Attachment, PR-4000 J-Cup Options, and PR-4000 Dip Attachment.

    Starting at: $429.99

  3. PR-4000 Lat/Low Row Attachment with RBS

    ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH 93" POWER RACK. PR-4000 Lat/Low Row Attachment with foot brace for low row. Includes lat bar and straight bar attachments. Rear base stabilizer INCLUDED.
  4. PR-4000 Rear Base Stabilizer

    Required for lat/low row attachment. When paired with a 48" depth rack, it removes the need to bolt down your rack.

  5. PR-4000 Round Sandwich J-cup

    Round Sandwich J-cups
  6. PR-4000 Flat Sandwich J-cup

    Flat Sandwich J-cups
  7. PR-4000 Standard J-cup

    Standard J-cups

  8. PR-4000 Leg Roller Attachment

    Leg Roller Attachment
  9. PR-4000 Band Pegs

    Set of 4 - used on the rack to loop bands to add resistance to a variety of movements.
  10. PR-4000 Globe Pull-up Bar

    REP Globe Pull-up Bar Front Mount
  11. PR-4000 Weight Horn - 12" Pair

    1 Pair 12" Weight Horns - ideal for storing larger size iron or bumper plates.

    If you purchased a rack with any pre-order components, your entire rack will ship Jan 25-Feb 15, 2020.

  12. PR-4000 Weight Horn - 6" Pair

    1 Pair 6" Weight horns, ideal for storing smaller size iron or change plates.

  13. PR-4000 Landmine Attachment

    Landmine attachment for multiple uses including many core movements.

  14. PR-4000 Dip Attachment

    Dip Attachment with new bolt-together design.
  15. PR-4000 Front Foot Extension Pair

    Front Foot extension for working outside the rack without bolting down.

  16. PR-4000 Spotter Arms

    24" Spotter arms with UHMW liners
Set Descending Direction


16 Item(s)