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Street Parking Program B

Everything you need for Street Parking Program B workouts!

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Program B: This version of the daily workout is for those with a barbell and plates, along with the jump rope and something to do pull-ups or rows on as well.

**Interested in doing more than just the daily WOD? Check out the following programs, all posted once a week on Sunday, for you to schedule in wherever it makes sense for you! Although these workouts can be modified to include equipment that you have, some suggested accessory equipment include kettlebells, dumbbells, wood rings, a plyo box and a bench.


Butts and Guts: build a stronger midline and posterior!

Suns Out Guns Out: build strength and stamina in the upper body.

Street Parking Power: build strength and go heavy in the power lifts.

Street Parking Oly: build + work technique in the Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk and the Snatch).

Street Parking Gymnastics: build more skill and stamina in the gymnastics movements.

Street Parking Package B

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Everything you need for Street Parking Program B workouts

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