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REP Street Parking Soft Plyo Covers

Introducing the REP Street Parking 3-in-1 soft plyo box covers!

Whether you're needing a replacement cover for your plyo or simply want to represent your Street Parking crew, these covers will do the trick!   

Please note:  THIS IS JUST THE COVER, NOT A BOX, AND CAN ONLY BE USED AS A REPLACEMENT COVER FOR REP 3-in-1 SOFT PLYOS - there is no padding and it cannot be used on any standard wood 3-in-1 plyo box.

Need to purchase a soft plyo box? Click HERE!

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REP Street Parking 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Covers

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REP Street Parking soft 3-in-1 plyo covers.  Please read our full description below.

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REP Soft 3-in-1 Medium Soft Plyo Street Parking COVER
REP Soft 3-in-1 Large Soft Plyo Street Parking COVER

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REP Soft 3-in-1 Small Soft Plyo Street Parking COVER

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