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The REP Omni Rack delivers stability and function without compromise. The flat foot design means there is no need to bolt down to ensure stability, and the unique base setup means you can switch up your rack layout with minimal parts and effort if you want something different in the future.  


  • 3x3 11-Gauge Steel with 1” diameter laser-cut holes on upright. 
  • Compatible with most 5000 Series attachments including the Lat/Low Row. 
  • Up to 15 potential configurations when paired with the Omni Plus. 
  • J-cup, upright/crossmember color options, and attachments are fully customizable. 
  • Long, flat-footed base helps promote stability, no need to bolt the rack down. 
  • Large stainless steel logo plate for additional rigidity and lateral stability.  

Example Configuration Changes 

  • You could start with a 30” depth rack, and then add spotter arms if you want the option to work on the front of your rack. No need to add front-feet as you would on the PR-5000. 
  • Treat the 30” depth rack as a half-rack and add weight horns for plate storage on the back uprights while doing all of your work on the front of the rack. Again, no need to add front-feet as you would on the PR-5000. 
  • If you decide you want to go from the 30” 4-post to a full 6-post configuration with weight storage, all you need are 2 more uprights and 2 crossmembers, saving you the cost of 2 more crossmembers you would have to purchase on the PR-5000. 



  • Includes: Multi-grip pull-up bar, six band pegs, and hardware to connect up to six uprights to the base. 
  • Enough hardware will be provided for all possible configurations, which means that extra hardware may be left over after the build. 
  • Lat attachment adds 23" depth to the 4-post rack or adds 5" depth to 6-post power rack if mounted to the interior uprights. 
  • Not compatible with the REP Belt Squat Attachment. 
  • The Omni Base is only compatible with HR-5000 uprights, notthe PR-5000 uprights.  
  • Weight rating: 1500lbs. 

REP Omni Flat Foot Power Rack | 30" | 6-Post

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No need to bolt down this highly configurable design. Think you'll get tired of the same old rack setup? The omni can switch up from 4-post to 6-post to half-rack with ease.

Customize REP Omni Flat Foot Power Rack | 30" | 6-Post
1 x PR-5000 V2 Logo Plate Crossmember   + $1.00
HR-5000 Base   + $329.99

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