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REP HG-4 Package

Our V2 Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar has gone through tons of revisions to get this final polished product.  The large base, the uprights connected higher up with support on all four sides, the feet on the ends, the weight pegs on the back - and the rack weighing 180 lbs (with attachments) - all make this an amazing squat rack with pull up bar. Heavy duty enough for kipping pull ups and muscle ups. Great for benching, squats, presses, and more.

With the V2 Squat Rack and all the other basics listed below, this HG-4 package is everything you'll need to get your home gym started.

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Default Package Includes:

  • REP Squat Rack w/Pullup v2- 94" tall (92" uprights) (includes all attachments pictured: dip handles, spotter arms, band pegs) 94" tall with adjustable height pullup bar (up to 1 ft lower)  
  • 20kg REP Sabre Bar - 1000 lb rated, Zinc coating, with center knurl. Option to upgrade to the Gladiator for a stronger Olympic bar, or select the Sabre barbell with no center knurl in zinc or black zinc. Women's bars also available (both without center knurling).
  • 160lb REP Black Bumper Plates with possible upgrades in weight.
  • REP Flat Bench - 17.5" high, rated to 1,000 lbs, with a possible upgrade to our REP Adjustable FID Bench
  • Wood Gymnastic Rings with Numbered Straps- 1.11 or 1.25" diameter
  • Spring Clips. Included while supplies last.
  • 2.5 and 5 lb pairs of iron plates. Included while supplies last.

HG-4 Equipment Package

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