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FB-4000 Comp Lite Bench

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The REP FB-4000 is a heavy duty but light enough to maneuver bench that will be perfect for beginner and intermediate lifters who want a 3-post bench at a high value price point. While this is the smaller cousin to our FB-5000, do not be deceived, it delivers a formidable series of features that make it an ideal flat bench for many lifters.

The cousin to beefier FB-5000, the FB-4000 has a more compact and lighter design for those who want a 3-post design, but aren't planning on moving serious weight. 

  • SUPPORTS PROPER FORM: Tripod design allows athletes to use proper positioning of the feet, and arch the back to push up serious weight with proper form. The 3-foot design is easy to level, and the front support does not get in the way of foot positioning.
  • PERFECT SUPPORT FOR LIFTING: The 2.5” thick pad measures 12 inches wide, and the stable tripod base makes it ideal for back support and leg drive during bench press. It’s comfortable to sit on but durable and sturdy under load. The top surface of the pad is 17 inches from the floor.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE: The competition bench is made from 3 x 3" 14-gauge steel, rated to 700 lbs. There are welded endcaps and rubber pads on all contact points to protect your floors. The textured pad provides a sure, secure grip for big presses.
  • EASY TO MOVE: Front handle and rear wheels let you move the bench easily around your home or garage gym

FB-4000 vs. FB-5000:

  • 14-gauge steel vs 11-gauge steel on the FB-5000.  14-gauge steel makes the bench much lighter and easier to move, but reduces the weight rating.
  • Wide Pad option available, but not compatible with the Thompson fat pad. 
  • 45" in length vs the FB-5000 at 48" in length. 

For those looking for a solid 3-post bench, but not moving a ton of weight, this is the perfect bench for you!



The FB-4000 competition weight bench is forged from laser cut 14 gauge steel with tripod foot design that gets out of the way of your lifting.  This tri-pod design is very stable, even while doing dips near the back post, and is the best design to allow for proper foot placement during your bench press. The rubber-coated steel handle and industrial wheels for easy transport make this beast easy to tame in your home or commercial gym. Rated to 700 pounds and built to International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) standards.

If you're looking for a home gym flat bench that doesn't sacrifice key features like a comfortable but firm pad, grippy vinyl, stout 3x3" 14-gauge steel, and easy to maneuver handle and wheels... THIS is the bench for you! This is not the big box store cut all the corners type bench... at REP, we are bench experts and understand exactly what makes an awesome bench.


Even the humble weight bench benefits from attention to detail, and we spared none with the FB-4000. Its 3-foot foot design is extra stable and easy to level with welded end caps at all three contact points and gives your feet plenty of room while benching heavy weight by intermediate lifters.  For those of you with a combined weight and bench press of over 600 pounds, we recommend you upgrade to our 11-gauge FB-5000 or wide pad FB-5050. For all us mere mortals weighing 190lbs and benching 275lbs, this bench will be more than enough!


Like your favorite chair, the FB-4000 bench pad strikes the perfect balance of firmness and support. The high-density pad is 2.5” thick and holds its shape under load, while the textured grip keeps you locked into position. Its heavy-duty vinyl stands up to heavy use and is easy to clean. Standard backpad pad is 12” wide, or add our optional wide pad to increase the width to 14".


Use this weight bench to build upper body strength with dumbbell, barbell, and bodyweight movements. Weight benches are an essential piece of home gym equipment for power movements like the bench press. Combine your flat bench with an Olympic barbell, bumper plates, and power rack to build a cost-effective home gym setup with minimal equipment.

Heavy duty benches are perfect for functional bodybuilding movements like concentration curls, reverse flies, tricep extensions, and rows to round out  your strength training. Or target lower body movements with box squats, split squats, weighted step-ups, and glute bridges. 

You can also use the workout bench for core exercises using leg raises, in and out sits, Russian twists, reverse crunches, and tucks. Remember that combining different variations of pushing and pulling movements is fundamental to building a balanced strength program while preventing injury while using your utility bench.


  • Total Height: 17"
  • Total Pad Length: 45.25"
  • Pad Width: 12"
  • Total Footprint: 7 SQFT
  • Designed to IPF Competition Standards
  • Weight: 55lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 700lbs
  • 3% Tolerance
  • 14-gauge steel

FB-4000 vs. FB-5000 Competition Weight Bench

Need help comparing REP Weight Benches? We've put a comparison list below:

FB-4000 FB-5000
14-gauge steel. 11-gauge steel.
REP Wide pad is available for this bench. Wide pad bench option is available, as well as the Wide Pad to be purchased on its own.
Frame not compatible with the Thompson Fat Pad.

Frame is compatible with Thompson Fat Pad.

45" in length.

48" in length.

FB-4000 Assembly Instructions

Assembly difficulty: Easy, 15 minutes

Please note: The assembly instructions for the FB-4000 are the same as the instructions for the FB-5000. The instructions provided below, as well as in the link above, will be titled with "FB-5000" which is correct. 

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