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PR-4000 Lat/Low Row Attachment

  • Two height options available: 93" and 80"
  • 350lb weight limit.
  • Comes with straight bar and lat bar. Additional Cable Attachments can be found HERE.
  • If you order an 80", the 93" lat/low attachment will NOT be compatible. Vice versa, if you order an 93" rack, the 80" lat/low row attachment will NOT be compatible. Please make sure you double check that you are ordering the correct lat/low row height for your rack!
  • Uniquely shaped base stabilizer for removing the need to bolt down 41" depth, and also serves as an anchor point for the pulley system and low row foot plate. *REQUIRED FOR LAT/LOW ROW PULLEY SYSTEM.
  • Improved lat pull-down/low-row with foot brace to help brace legs during low row. *THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS FOR THE LAT/LOW ROW UNIT ON THIS PAGE. ONE INCLUDES THE REAR BASE STABILIZER (I.E. "WITH RBS") AS WELL AS AN OPTION WITHOUT THE RBS.

Assembly and Install

REP PR-4000 Lat/Low Row Attachment

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Starting at $429.99

Starting at $429.99

Add functionality to your 4000 power rack!

Note: Please make sure to pick the correct height attachment. Additionally, if you already have a Rear Base Stabilizer (RBS), you will need to purchase the one lat attachment without the RBS.

*If a preorder for this item was placed prior to or after 7/14/21, your order will ship in late October*

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