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Monolift Attachment

Designed to fit REP’s 4000 and 5000 series racks, these heavy-duty Monolift attachments deliver in the areas that count for your gym: function and form. We’ve designed these Monolift arms to swing smoothly and clear quickly so that you can focus on PRing your lift. This attachment is packed with unique features and high-end detailing, easily making it the best Monolift on the market (if we say so ourselves!).


  • Swings quickly and neatly out of the way thanks to extra-heavy handles.
  • Made of sturdy, thick, heavy-duty steel.
  • Start from a stable position in your squat, bench press, hip thrusts and more.
  • Protective plastic-lining to protect your bar and rack.
  • Unique, extra-long handle design to allow easier manual manipulation.
  • Laser-cut Colorado mountain details.
  • Stainless steel REP nameplate.


We understand that safety is a priority, especially when lifting heavy. By design, monolifts eliminate the need to  perform a “walk out”  from the rack, which is arguably the most unstable part of a heavy lift.

We decided to take this feature a step further. We want you to execute your lifts at maximum effort without the distraction of the arms being directly in the line of sight. We accomplished this by introducing a new design that, upon retraction, allows the Monolift Arms to sit neatly inside themselves. This provides the lifter with more clearance to perform their lift without the distraction of the Monolift Arms in direct view. This feature, along with extra heavy handles, allows the REP Monolift  to clear out of the way quickly and cleanly, so the only thing you need to focus on is your lift.


For added versatility, we designed the top of the REP Monolift lever arms to be thicker than the traditional monolift  so that you can manipulate the handle for movements like hip thrusts. Like all REP products, our Monolift is sturdy, made of thick, heavy-duty steel so that you can use this attachment with confidence no matter what movement you’re performing.

Sold in pairs.

Dimensions and Specs:

Product Weight: 70lbs
Packaging Size: 19.5" x 5" x 30"
Height: Approx 24.5"
Material Type: Steel with plastic liners
Weight Capacity: 1500lbs
Compatibility: 4000-Series and 5000-Series


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Monolift Attachment

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