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REP Cable Catch

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Start your belt squats from the standing position with our Belt Squat Cable Catch. 

*Requires REP Belt Squat attachment, weight belt, and compatible squat rack (sold separately).

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REP Cable Catch

Start Belt Squats From Standing Position

Belt squats are great way to building leg strength without loading the spine, but they require a few extra steps to get set up. Our Belt Squat Cable Catch lets you start your belted squats from a more convenient and accessible standing position. We have designed the REP Cable Catch to easily attach to your pull-up bar to the top of your REP Rack so you can spend less time setting up and more time squatting. This attachment is helpful for recovering and adaptive athletes who use the belt to squat and feel restricted starting from the bottom. 

How Does the Cable Catch Work?

  1. Attach Cable Catch to Belt Squat.
  2. Add Weight.
  3. Clip Belt to Belt Squat.
  4. Unclip Cable Catch and hook over j-cup to store it out of the way.
  5. Complete your set, stand up, and reattach Cable Catch to Belt Squat.
  6. Unclip your belt.

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