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PR-5000 V2 Pull-up Bars

Maximize your space and add versatility to your rack with one of our pull-up bar options! Target different muscle groups with the variety of pull-up options including wide, narrow, neutral, pronated and supine grip.

Available Options:

  • Standard 1.25" Standard Straight Bar
  • Standard 2" Standard Straight Bar
  • Multi-grip Front Mount
  • Globe Pull-up Front Mount
  • Globe Pull-up Side Mount (compatible with 41" crossmembers ONLY).

These options are compatible with our PR-5000 V2 Rack only. Looking for PR-4000 pull-up bar options? Click HERE!

PR-5000 V2 Pull-up Bars

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Select the pull-up bar that's perfect for your V2 rack!

Grouped product items
PR-5000 1.25" Pull-up Bar
PR-5000 2" Pull-up Bar
PR-5000 V2 Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar
PR-5000 V2 Globe Pull-up Bar - Front Mount
PR-5000 V2 Globe Pullup Bar - Side Mount

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