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SECA Machine Test

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The SECA Machine - extremely accurate, fast, and low cost. $10 your first time, $20 thereafter.

These are normally seen in medical facilities, but we wanted to offer it to walk-in customers for a super low cost as a way to get more customers in the door to check out our awesome showroom and gear.  Normally, tests this accurate and giving you this much information cost $50+.   

This isn't your scale at home, or even a normal grip one... this is 97% accurate, giving you information beyond just your bodyfat.  It will give you BMI, bodyfat, visceral fat*, whether your right or left leg/arm has more muscle than the other, and more.

You can track results over time, get a full email or print out.  Come in every few months to see how you are progressing.

Come get tested. 

*Visceral fat is body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. Storing higher amounts of visceral fat is associated with increased risks of a number of health problems including type 2 diabetes.


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