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SS Nameplate
Numbered Uprights
1" Hole Spacing
SS Nameplate
Numbered Uprights
1" Hole Spacing

REP PR-4000 Power Rack

Heavy Duty 3x3" 11-gauge power rack with 1 inch hole spacing throughout the bench area.

Visit our upright and crossmember individual listings for DIY options. 

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REP PR-4000 Power Rack

The PR-4000 is a heavy-duty, 1,000 lb rated commercial-grade power rack featuring 3x3” 11 gauge steel with 1” hole spacing through the bench zone and 5/8” pin holes. If you're looking for a "never need to upgrade" home gym power rack, or a centerpiece for your commercial facility weight room, this is it.

The PR-4000 re-defines customizability: You're no longer stuck with a pre-configured power rack and overpaying for options. Choose the components you want from our large selection of stock inventory, and have them delivered to your door in about a week or less! Multiple color, height, and depth options combine with an ever-expanding list of accessories and attachments to create the only power rack system you'll ever need. Every rack comes with our top rear logo cross-member which serves as a convenient anchor point for future attachments you may want to add, and from there the rest of the rack is up to you.

NOTE: Please reference our dims photo (above) for the full length, width and height of the rack, as well as how the attachments alter the footprint of your custom build!

PR-4000 vs. PR-5000 Comparison: HERE

REP Raw Cut Video A raw look at the REP PR-4000 with close up shots and details highlighting many of the various reasons why this power rack should be on the top of your list! 

Accessory Item FAQs (click for more answers!)

PR-4000 Rack Assembly Instructions

Lat/Low Row Attachment:

  • Lat/Low row attachment is currently ONLY available for 93" uprights. If you order an 80" rack, the 93" lat/low attachment will NOT be compatible.
  • 80" lat/low attachment will be available in May 2020.
  • Improved lat pull-down/low-row with foot brace to help brace legs during low row. *LAT/LOW ROW UNIT SOLD ON THIS PAGE ALSO INCLUDES THE REAR BASE STABILIZER.
  • PR-4000 Lat/Low Row Assembly Instructions

    PR-4000 Lat/Low Row Install Video

Rear Base Stabilizer:

  • Uniquely shaped base stabilizer for removing the need to bolt down 41" depth, and also serves as an anchor point for the pulley system and low row foot plate. *REQUIRED FOR LAT/LOW ROW PULLEY SYSTEM.
  • If you've already purchased the rack and Rear Base Stabilizer, you can purchase the Lat/Low Row separately on its own product page.

Front Foot Extensions and Spotter Arms:

  • If you want to use Spotter Arms outside of your rack, you must either purchase the Front Foot Extensions or bolt down your rack.

Landmine attachment for multiple uses including many core movements.
24" Spotter arms with UHMW liners
Spotter Arms
Optional leg-roller pad to keep you seated during lat pulldowns
Leg Roller Attachment
Dip Attachment with new bolt-together design
Dip Attachment
Improved lat pulldown/low-row with foot brace. *Only compatible with 90" Uprights
Cable Pulley Attachment
Band pegs - Set of 4 for adding band resistance to your barbell workouts.
Band Pegs
High-end paint finishes
Our new painting process specially prepares your rack with the most high-end surface prep and care possible, including sandblasting to ensure superior paint adhesion, and a baked on powder coating that will last for years.
47" outside-to-outside
47" outside-to-outside width allows plenty of room to rack the bar without plates hitting the sides of the uprights, which is a common problem on competitors' 3x3" racks.
New color: Clearcoat
This color is achieved by using a specially prepared steel combined with a metal grinder and a clear powder coat to give it a raw brushed steel look, while maintaining the rust-resistance of a powdercoat. In addition, the rack shows less wear over time due to the finish and clearcoat making it difficult to notice any imperfections.
Standard compatibility
Standard 3x3" uprights with 5/8" holes ensures compatibility with REP attachments as well as most others on the market. 1" hole spacing through bench zone, and 2" spacing everywhere else.
Front Foot Stabilizers
Front Foot extension for working outside the rack without bolting down. Allows you to add spotter arms off the front of the rack and have dedicated setups for benching and squatting without changing j-cup or safety height.
Rear Stabilizer Brace
Uniquely shaped base stabilizer removes the need to bolt down a 41" depth rack, and also serves as an anchor point for the pulley system and low row foot plate.