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The PowerSpeed bar is a powerlifting barbell with a unique knurl design that allows rapid re-centering of the bar between sets. What happens when aggressive powerlifting barbell knurl meets your average j-cup? Shredded UHMW plastic on the j-cup and difficulty re-centering the bar because the knurl bites too deeply into the plastic. We've removed the knurl and left the bar smooth for 5.5" from the sleeve to the start of the knurl, which allows you to re-center the bar quickly and easily with no damage to jcup plastic.

The bar is a no-compromises powerlifting bar, with the following features:

  • 20 kg, 215k tensile, 205k yield, 2000 lb rated
  • 29mm, IPF markings
  • Very deep, aggressive knurl
  • Smooth sleeves with zero side-to-side sleeve slop movement, hard chrome finish
  • Bronze bushings with smooth, silent sleeve rotation
  • Choice of hard chrome or manganese phosphate shaft coating


Initial break-in notes:

  1. Bar comes packed in light coating of oil, which conditions the steel after production and during transit to ensure your bar arrives in good condition. A dry towel is useful for wiping down the bar prior to first use.
  2. Sleeve bushings are greased at the factory and may require 1-2 weeks of use before sleeves rotate at their full potential as grease spreads out in the sleeve.


Manganese vs Chrome

  • Manganese has a "chalky" feel to it compared to chrome. Both offer excellent rust resistance.

**5-year warranty against defects affecting the performance of the bar, such as bending, collar spin, knurling defects, or problems with the coating affecting the performance of the bar. Warranty covering bending does not cover dropping it on a box/bench/spotter arms/pins on power rack.

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REP PowerSpeed Bar

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A powerlifting bar that can be re-centered on the rack quickly thanks to a unique knurl pattern.

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PowerSpeed Bar - Chrome - 20kg
PowerSpeed Bar - Manganese - 20kg