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Rep Ab Support Mats

Two models available: Ab Support or Ab Support with Tailbone Protector

The Rep Ab Support Mat is great for supporting the lower back during abdominal exercises. The mat makes situps more comfortable and helps to ease lower back strain and reduce hip flexor activation. Although designed for Cross Training/HIIT style workouts, the ab support mat is perfect for anyone needing that extra back support.

Rep Ab Support Mat Features

  • High density foam core
  • Non-slip durable PU textured vinyl cover
  • Thicker on one side, more sloped on the other follows the contours of your back
  • Medium firmness to accommodate most users
  • Optional Tailbone Protector model to avoid chafing/burn for high-rep sit-up workouts


What Makes Ours Better?

  • Our competitors use cheaper PVC covers which are slippery and have you sliding backwards during situps. Our premium vinyl material is non-slip.
  • Our high density foam retains its shape.
  • Our backing board is 50% thicker than normal for a long-lasting mat.

Additional Information

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REP Ab Support Mat

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Ab support mat with optional tailbone protector


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