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Strength Equipment

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  1. Rep Rubber Grip Hex Dumbbell Sets

    Rep Rubber Grip Hex Dumbbell Sets

    Starting at: $649.00

  2. Rep Kettlebells

    Rep Fitness kettlebells are cast to the highest standards for a great finish and feel.

    Kettlebell Sets: Save money by purchasing a set. 8 to 24 kg set includes: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 kg kettlebells.  Have more options for warming up, single arm swing, presses, or get the double set for farmer's carries and double swings!

    Starting at: $9.99

  3. Rep Adjustable Dumbbells

    Straight, fully knurled chrome handles, with solid cast iron plates. Perfect for home gym use!

    Starting at: $32.99

  4. Rep V2 Slam Balls

    • Version 2 with 50% thicker shell, reinforced air nozzle for MUCH stronger slam ball
    • 9 inch diameter, Grippy rubber shell with sand filled center, perfect for slamming
    • Full 1 year warranty for home use, 6 month commercial
    • Very low bounce

    Starting at: $15.00

  5. Rep Rubber Grip Hex Dumbbell PairsRep Rubber Grip Hex Dumbbell Pairs

    Rep Rubber Grip Hex Dumbbell Pairs

    Rep Rubber Grip Hex Dumbbells

    Starting at: $14.99

  6. Rep Dumbbell Rack

    Our 3-tier dumbbell rack with plenty of room for a 5-50 dumbbell set.

    Shipping Information:

    Pre-orders - your entire order will be held until racks are in stock:

    Red and Blue will begin shipping 1/15/2019

    Metallic Black and Silver will begin shipping mid-late February

    Matte Black will begin shipping end of February

  7. Rep Urethane Coated Round Dumbbell Pairs

    Solid steel dumbbells with a very durable urethane coating.

    Starting at: $23.99

  8. Sandbag Filler Bags

    Replacement Filler bags for your REP Sandbags.
  9. Rep LB Kettlebells

    Rep LB Kettlebells

    Starting at: $11.00

  10. Kettlebell Storage Rack

    This kettlebell rack is extremely strong and heavy duty, weighing in at a beefy 120 lbs. Strong enough to hold your heaviest kettlebells with commercial strength and home gym price carry over. Comes with rubber liners to reduce noise as well! A great way to store anything from slam balls, to kettlebells, to dumbbells. Please check measurements of anything you're putting on the rack prior to ordering, and your space.
  11. Rep Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Pairs

    Ultra-low odor high quality rubber hex dumbbells sold in pairs. For our full sets, see our dumbbell set page.

    Starting at: $7.00

  12. Rep Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

    Economical dumbbell sets with premium low odor rubber and fully knurled handles. For pairs, please see our dumbbell pair page.

    Starting at: $210.00

  13. Rep Urethane Coated Round Dumbbell Sets

    Solid steel dumbbells with a very durable urethane coating.

    Starting at: $1,199.00

  14. Rep Medicine Balls

    High quality Rep Fitness wall balls!

    Starting at: $32.00

  15. Rep Black Medicine Balls

    Our toughest medicine ball with the most grip!

    Starting at: $34.40

  16. 10" Diameter Medicine Ball - 20% Off10" Diameter Medicine Ball - 20% Off

    10" Diameter Medicine Ball - 20% Off

    Great as a smaller size medicine ball if you're just learning wall balls, have kids, or older people in the class.

    10" diameter for every size

    Starting at: $44.10 $35.28

  17. Rep SandbagsRep Sandbags

    Rep Sandbags

    Heavy duty fitness sandbags.

    *Pink Bags are and additional 10% off! Discount Applied in Cart*

    Regular Price: $43.00

    Special Price $40.85

  18. Rep Prowler Push Sled

    The Rep Fitness power push sled, also known as a prowler. Read full details and watch our video below!


  19. Rep Pull Sled

    Our pull sled is portable and compatible with olympic plates. Keep it light or load it up for a wide variety of different exercises.
  20. Rep 4-Post Push Sled

    Rep 4-Post Push Sled
  21. Rep Sled Harness

    Rep Sled Harness
  22. Free Standing Landmine

    A free standing landmine allows you to perform shoulder and core exercises that are important for athletic performances.
  23. Victory 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack

    2-Tier Commercial Dumbbell Rack with storage for 10 pairs of dumbbells

Set Descending Direction


23 Item(s)