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Rep 10" Diameter Medicine Ball

Our Rep Medicine Balls, now offered in a smaller size! With a 10" diameter (as opposed to the standard 14"), these are ideal for children or anyone learning the wall ball movement who is not quite ready for the standard wall ball size.

Individually constructed, stitched, and tested for quality, the Rep Fitness soft medicine balls are perfect for use in wall ball exercises.

Very durable thick double stitching and grippy synthetic leather is perfect for wall ball exercises and high speed medicine ball work.

Each ball is individually tested for balance to ensure even packing of internal weight.

Professionally stitched-in weight and logo that looks fantastic, with beautiful color coding by weight for easy identification.

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10" Diameter Medicine Ball - 20% Off

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Great as a smaller size medicine ball if you're just learning wall balls, have kids, or older people in the class.

10" diameter for every size

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10lb Rep Kids Wall Ball