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Rep Hex Dumbbell Sets

Made from premium low odor rubber, our dumbbells are a classic rubber coated hex design that is quiet and easy on your floors. The chrome plated handle is straight and fully knurled for maximum grip. Unlike slippery "ergonomic" handles that only have knurl across part of the handle surface, our full knurl gives you a secure grip on the dumbbell at any weight. 


  • 2.5lb - 22mm diameter handle.
  • 5lb to 15lb dumbbells - 28mm diameter handle.
  • 17.5lb+ dumbbells - 34mm diameter handle. The thicker 34mm handle adds comfort on heavier weights.
  • Dumbbell heads are securely attached via friction welding. An extremely durable process
  • Lifetime warranty for home use. 1 year warranty for commercial use.


 Set Options:

  • 5-50lb set includes 5lb to 50lb in pairs at 5lb increments. 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, and 50lb
  • 5-75 & 5-100 are similar 5lb increments to the 5-50 set.  Questions?  Contact us here!


**Dumbbell sets do NOT come with the dumbbell rack. 

Dumbbells fit perfectly on the Rep Fitness Dumbbell Rack 

Protect your floor with a 3 ft x 4ft mat, which fits perfectly under our Rep Dumbbell Rack!

Make sure to fill in your sets with 2.5lb increments on the lower weights on our dumbbell pairs page or with the 2.5-27.5 half sizes pairs listed here!

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REP Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

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Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

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