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Rep Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

Adjustable dumbbells are easy to use and the most affordable dumbbell option. While allowing for multiple weight options out of a single dumbbell, they do not require a lot of storage space, which makes them perfect for home gym users.

  • 40 lb Set - TWO handles, FOUR collars, FOUR 5 lb plates, FOUR 2.5 lb plates
  • 52.5 lb Set - ONE handle, TWO collars, EIGHT 5 lb plates, TWO 2.5 lb plates, TWO 1.25 lb plates
  • 40lb Add-on Set - FOUR 10lb plates



  • Features solid cast iron plates, fully knurled straight handle, spin-lock star collars.
  • Handle - 4 lbs
  • Collars - 0.5 lbs (each)
  • Handle Lengths - 17.5" total / 6.5" loadable sleeve / 5" usable handle
  • Max load is (12) 10 lb plates (6 per side), for a total of weight of 125 lbs
  • Diameter of handle is 1"

Additional Information

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REP Adjustable Dumbbells

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Straight, fully knurled chrome handles, with solid cast iron plates. Perfect for home gym use!

*Please Note: The handles will come as a pair with the 40lb set ONLY, but the weights will NOT come as a pair. Please read the product description for further clarification.*

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Product Name Price
40 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set
52.5 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set
40lb Add-on Set