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The Best Running Machine for the Best Workout

Why choose the Drax Curved Runner over a traditional treadmill?  Whether you're shopping for your commercial gym or garage/home gym - the choice is easy!

  • Superior for High Intensity Interval Training -  It can speed up and slow down much faster than a traditional treadmill, which makes it great for High Intensity Interval Training and sprint work. It also allows you to self-regulate your speed as you run without needing to press buttons to adjust, which is great when you’re trying to stay in the zone and just run.
  • Zero Electrical Costs! -  No power is needed, so it's free to operate and good for the environment. You're also not tied down to an outlet, so you can easily position it using the wheels and bar outside, inside, or around your gym.
  • Burn More Calories! -  Around 30% more as studied in a published 2018 University Study in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.  This makes sense since there is no motor pulling your foot backwards.  Your body is the machine.
  • Better Running Form - The curve promotes more of a forefoot strike rather than a heel strike, which reduces impact on your joints and feels incredible.
  • Easier on the Joints -  The slat based design absorbs impact really well, so this is another way it reduces stress on your joints compared to running on asphalt or concrete.
  • Zero Maintenance & Commercial Durability -  The slats and roller bearing design means there’s no maintenance needed, ever. Traditional treadmills require lubrication and periodic belt maintenance, or have fancy electronic consoles that break easily, but this treadmill will go over 150,000 miles with nothing needed.  This makes it the perfect for a commercial gym seeing a lot of use, or a home gym user that doesn't want to deal with technical treadmill motor issues.


The Drax Curved Runner vs the competitors

When comparing against the competition, the choice is easy... choose the Drax Curved Runner!

  • Superior Designed Curve -  The curve is slight, which makes it feel more natural. Others on the market have a deeper curve and it starts to feel more like an uphill run. There’s also a little less controlled acceleration as you get up toward the front of the unit with competitor's deeper curved runners.
  • Smooth and Controlled Feel -  The biggest benefit is the hardest to describe, but the easiest to notice once you try a few different brands. The resistance of the rollers and the feel of the belt is very smooth and controlled. Some models out there it takes very little effort to get moving, which makes them feel more unstable and can be intimidating for new users or those without great balance. With this unit, because it has a shallower curve and the resistance has been finely tuned, it’s much easier to stay in control of your speed and feel confident on it. Within 5 minutes of walking and running, you’ll have a lot of confidence with this and adjusting your speed will feel natural. This is by far the biggest differentiator with ours, and the main reason we chose to carry this brand
  • Incredible Durability -  The treads are molded from an advanced composite material and are engineered for light weight and incredible strength. They incorporate a soft shock absorbing cover, which can tolerate high loads and provide incredible durability.
  • Support Bar for Easy Access and Balance to Start -  The optional support bar is great for older clients and rehab work where you might need a little more stability and confidence before you can start to run.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Soon! -  The console has Bluetooth connectivity and apps that will be becoming available soon to track your usage, as well as for group training so that you can see how fast and how far all of your clients are going on one screen. 

Check out the video below!

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Drax Curved Runner

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Zero Maintenance, Zero Electrical Costs, and Better Running Form

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"I've tried all types of curved treadmills. The efficiency and smoothness of the Drax Curved Runner really got my attention. The mild curve allows me to hit the ground more naturally than other brands with a steeper curve. This is the curved runner that I personally use to train."

-Jeremy Dodson, 2x USA Olympian

  • Run with Better Form

  • Jog with Less Impact

  • Walk with Zero Power Costs

  • Bring it Outside or Move it in your Gym

  • Support Handles for Balance or to Start

  • Easy to Use Console