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Rig pictured above includes many custom options. Standard rig has 9' uprights and pull-up bars in a straight line across the top.

Standard Pull-up Rig Specs

  • 9-foot uprights
  • 2x3" 11 gauge steel, 2" hole spacing, and 5/8" hardware
  • Pull-up bar heights can be set anywhere between 7-9'
  • Pull-up bars on the 4 ft and 6ft sections can be single (1.25") or double (1.25" & 2") bars
  • Racks are composed of alternating 4 and 6-foot sections
  • 4-foot sections come with 2 J-hooks and can be used as a squat rack or pull-up station
  • 6-foot sections are pull-up stations that can fit 2 athletes at once

Pull-up Rig Options Available

  • 12 ft uprights: $70 ea (other heights available)
  • Cambered pull-up bars- Can be placed on the 4ft or 6ft section which allows two different pull-up heights and muscle-ups: $100 upgrade ea
  • Flying pull-up bars: $250 (1/4" x 3.5" bolts required for assembly - 8 total)
  • Monkey bars $80 per monkey bar plus additional Frame is required to connect the top of the uprights on any section: From $200-250 per 4' or 6' section (can be ramped to connect 9' to 12' uprights) on free-standing rigs, half that cost on wall-mount.
  • Ring Hangers to hang rings from 12 ft uprights or a heavy bag from any upright height: $110 ea
  • Double pull-up bars come standard for 4' and 6' sections. They can be swapped our for single Pull-up bars for no charge
  • Other custom options can be made!

All racks are made to order in our Colorado steel fabrication shop. Lead time is 4-5 weeks.

Minimum order of 10ft.

If you want custom colors or upright heights, please contact us before you order.


Two Tone Option - Custom paint colors are available starting at $100 extra per rig (please contact us for pricing).

How Many J-Hooks come with the Racking? - A pair of J-Hooks come with every 4ft section of racking that is ordered.

Pull Up Bar Heights - You can adjust the pull-up bar heights to suit athletes of different heights. 9-foot uprights ensure even the tallest athletes can do pull-ups without their feet touching the ground.

4ft Section vs. 6ft Section - The 4ft section can be utilized as a station for pull-ups, a squat stand, or to hang rings. 6 ft sections can used to allow 2 to do pull-ups at once and for hanging rings.

How many concrete anchors are needed? - 3 anchors per upright are required.

Planning on ordering other equipment?  Please contact us for a custom quote on Castle Racking so we can save you some money on shipping.

Additional Information

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Castle Racking Pull-up Rig

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Made in the USA - Colorado.

Rep Castle Racking is the highest quality pull-up rig on the market.  Each is custom designed to be extremely sturdy and versatile for group training environments.

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Castle Pull-up Rig - 10 ft WallMount
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Castle Pull-up Rig - 10 ft FreeStanding
Castle Pull-up Rig - 14 ft FreeStanding
Castle Pull-up Rig - 20 ft FreeStanding
Castle Pull-up Rig - 24 ft FreeStanding
Castle - 4 ft FreeStanding Add-on
Castle - 6 ft FreeStanding Add-on
Custom Upright Color (unlimited uprights)