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Rep Fitness is dedicated to gender equality in the fitness community.  We employ many female staff, all of whom have a personal commitment to health and fitness in their own lives.  We have chosen to step-it-up and showcase the amazing women who represent REP and share stories of all the strong women in the our communities.

We believe in the importance of supporting and empowering women in this sport that has historically been dominated by men.  Lift Like a Woman is a brand new campaign designed to do just that.  We will be spending the next couple months collecting stories from you about the strongest women you know.  During this time we will be featuring some of the most inspiring on our website and in our newsletter; then, on December 18th, we will announce one Lift Like a Woman nominee as the winner of an amazing prize pack from REP and our partners valued at $700!  Nominate your friend, sister, mother, daughter, partner or wife – anyone who has been an inspiration of strength for you or her community!


Tell us about a Strong Woman in your life who inspires you. We will be sharing these stories throughout the campaign on our website and social media accounts.

At the end of the campaign, our team at REP will review all nominees and select a winner to receive a prize package with a custom cerakote barbell, REP 16kg Kettlebell, Lift Like a Woman water bottle, t-shirt and tank, Purple EmPack, 3 month Street Parking Membership and a pair of Xero Prio Sneakers.

*By submitting your nomination you give Rep Fitness permission to use this person’s story and images on our web and social media pages.

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At GALS, we know the impact of physical activity on academics. Beyond the joy, energy, and confidence our students gain from movement, research demonstrates that daily exercise improves memory, attention, and cognition. Sports participation also boosts self-esteem and civic engagement. Movement prepares our students to live long, fulfilled lives.

GALS is committed to preparing a distinct and diverse generation of learned and motivated women for innovative leadership in our developing global society. GALS serves an enormous diversity of students – student bodies are comprised of students from all facets of the community. Those from privilege and most at-risk; those of all learning levels and styles; and those with varying relationships to the world of health and wellness, movement and athletics. What bonds us is sisterhood. GALS ensures that our students fully participate in the leadership force of the future.

REP is a proud supporter of the GALS organization and has provided equipment donations and discounts to help the school achieve their goal of building strong, healthy, and motivated women. We will be culminating this campaign with an additional equipment donation to help GALS with the buildout of their new in-school functional fitness gym. 

Charity Huffman

Charity Huffman

Lift Like a Woman Contest Winner

Charity’s Story in her own words:

“Four years ago, I was searching for a healthy outlet to deal with the trauma of watching my congenital heart warrior son battle for his life. I found CrossFit which has built my confidence and drives my purpose to show others what they’re capable of.

My husband and I run CrossFit Hickory in Hickory, NC. His coaching and faith in me is why I’ve competed in both CrossFit and weightlifting. In the past I wouldn’t have been brave enough to even try either sport.

My son and daughter push me to try regardless of the outcome. I hope the examples I have set, remind them to hold on to their confidence.”

“To me, strength means knowing it’s going to hurt. Knowing the outcome may not be ideal, you may struggle, but doing it anyways. My son has survived more in 9 years than some will in a lifetime. I grew strong holding his hand every step of the way. There is also strength in caring. I couldn’t fight his battle for him, but could encourage and love him through it. Strength is love.”



Fitness has become the means by which I invest in both my physical and mental strength, neither one being possible without the other.


Strength Training gave me a way to view exercise as a way to be more, instead of constantly trying to be less.


In a world that’s unpredictable, lifting is my therapy. It reminds me that no matter what life throws at you, your mindset, your progress and the limits you push, are in your control.


Fostering a culture of strength has empowered me to be healthier in body and stronger of mind.


Being strong means that I have the capacity to express myself fully. Without strength, I would not be the athlete I am today, so I thank this strong body day-in and day-out.


To me, being a strong woman is liberating and empowering. Strength training gives me the confidence and ability to live for myself.


For me fitness means letting go; of expectations, self-doubt, and sometimes the barbell when it’s too heavy.

To me, fitness has always been about self-improvement, pushing my limits, and investing in myself and my health. Self-empowerment looks different for everyone - and that's okay.


To me, fitness has always been about self-improvement, pushing my limits, and investing in myself and my health. Self-empowerment looks different for everyone – and that’s okay.

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