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Weight Benches

Weight Benches

Weight Benches

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  1. FB-5000 Comp Flat Bench
    FB-5000 Comp Flat Bench
  2. FB-5000 with Wide Pad
    FB-5000 with Wide Pad

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Weight Benches, Adjustable Benches & Competition Benches for Home and Garage Gyms

Best Weight Benches for Home Gyms

Never underestimate the power gained from a quality weight bench. From powerlifting to bodybuilding to metabolic conditioning, REP flat and adjustable benches have your back, butt, shoulders, and whatever else you need supported while training hard.

High Quality Weight Benches Built by Craftsman 

How can something as simple and effective as the weight bench get any better? Those are the burning questions keeping us up at night and why we’re committed to making workout benches that work for you. Our best-selling AB-5200 stand-up weight bench lets you save space while maximizing your training options. Add wide bench padspotter platformand bring a friend for extra (emotional) support on those heavy days. Those who train together, gain together!  

We may have spent more than a few R&D hours dialing in our weight bench’s pad density and texture to give you the perfect balance of grip and density through your workoutAnd those annoying gaps in other adjustable benches are now a thing of the past with our patented AB-5000 Zero Gap adjustable incline weight benchWe know those little details make a big difference! 

International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Weight Bench

We make IPF compliant flat benches for all budgets. But you don't have to be a competitive powerlifter to benefit from our entry-level FB-3000 flat bench or our top-end FB-5000 competition flat bench. Outfitting your home or garage gym? Pair your new weight bench with an Olympic barbellOlympic plates, and power rack to get started. Or, build your home gym with a home gym package. 

Weight Bench Storage for Home Gyms

Just because space is tight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or performance. Pair your FB-3000 flat bench with our vertically mounted wall hanger to free up precious floor space. Or check out our patent pending AB-5200 adjustable bench that easily storein the upright position. For even more space saving hardware, check our wall storage for barbellsplates, and other workout essentials.