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REP Replacement Pads

Out of Stock

REP replacement pads for benches. Select the bench you have and which pad you need.

Out of Stock

We understand that you want your bench looking great, and sometimes under heavy use or if something is smashed into the pads, it may not feel right. That is why we have replacement pads at our cost so you can get your bench looking awesome again. Just select your equipment and pad, and we'll get the pads shipped to you quickly.

Warranty on pads: We have a 30 day warranty on our pads. Enough time to use the bench, test it, and see if anything seems off. Please understand that we don't warranty pads out that are several months old and have minor cosmetic issues. We want to make sure you are happy, so if you have any concerns that you think would fall under a warranty, please contact us.

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