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REP Drop Pad

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Protect your equipment and flooring with these shock-absorbing and sound-reducing pads!


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Lifting heavy weights can get noisy and using Bumper Plates doesn't always help reduce the clamor of dropping a loaded barbell. Drop pads are a great solution for reducing the noisiness that comes with repeatedly dropping heavy loads. Regardless of the height, using REP Drop Pads will drastically reduce the noise and vibration of the drop. This is especially helpful for home gym owners who want to workout at odd hours and not disrupt the rest of the house or the neighbors! Commercial facilities will also relish in the noise reduction capabilities of drop pads as they will make the workout space more quiet and you won't disrupt other businesses around you. 


No matter what weight you are lifting, repeatedly dropping a loaded barbell will certainly take a toll on your bar, plates and flooring. Investing in drop pads is a great way to ensure that your floors and equipment keep up with you for the foreseeable future. The dense foam in our drop pads, paired with the exhaust vents, dampen the weight better than any other pad on the market. REP Drop Pads are more dense than leading competitor's, providing controlled, safer drops, with the added benefit of protection for your equipment and flooring. If your goal is to guard your flooring and equipment from damage, these pads will get the job done by absorbing the shock and reducing bounce from a drop, creating a safer and more enjoyable lifting experience all around.


  • Material: High-density foam for better absorption and bounce reduction.
  • Exhaust vents relieve pressure to decrease bounce and increase durability.
  • Footprint: 29.5" x 22.5" x 5"
  • Weight: 22lb/pad
  • Color: Black with white REP logo
  • Sold in Pairs.

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