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Rep Black Bumper Plates

Our Rep black bumper plates are extremely durable and attractive, dsigned to be perfect for cross training/HIIT workouts and Olympic weightlifting. Our 10 lb plates are extra thick (1") to increase durability and reduce the chance of "tacoing," while our 45 lb plates are thinner than most at 2.83" thick to allow more weight to fit on the bar. Bumper plates are excellent for training the Olympic lifts, which end with the bar overhead or at shoulder height. This allows the lifter to drop the bar after completing a lift, or if a lift is missed, you can drop the weights without harming the bar, surrounding equipment, flooring, etc...

Plate Sets:

  • 160 lb - (2)Each 45-25-10
  • 190 lb - (2)Each 45-25-15-10
  • 210 lb - (2)Each 45-35-25
  • 230 lb - (2)Each 45-35-25-10
  • 250 lb - (4) 45 (2) Each 25-10
  • 260 lb - (2)Each 45-35-25-15-10
  • 370 lb - (6) 45 lb & (2)Each 25-15-10


What makes our bumper plates better?

  • Superior craftsmanship and design. Steel inserts with hooks molded into the bumper plates increase durability versus older designs with brass inserts.
  • Extra thick 10 lb plates are the best on the market, and highly resistant to bending
  • Low bounce. Some recycled rubber bumper plates will bounce very high and make you chase the bar around. Not ours.
  • Thin profile. With a good Olympic bar, you can fit 515lbs of our bumper plates on the bar.
  • Factory tested to withstand over 12,000 drops from a height of 8 ft. 
  • Used in both commercial and home gyms all over the world


Taking care of your bumper plates:

When your bumper plates arrive, let them air out for a few days. To increase the lifespan of your plates, always make sure they drop as close to straight down as possible. That means if your bar collars get loose during a workout, try to re-tighten them so that your plates always land straight up and down. This will lessen the sideways force on the bumper plate insert.  Finally, a type of surface with some give - 4x6 heavy duty rubber mats, weight lifting platform, etc. will help to absorb some of the impact on the plates and increase their lifespan.

 Warranty is 6 months for 10 and 15 lb plates for home and commercial use, 3 years for all others for home use, 1 year commercial use

IMPORTANT NOTE: Warranty is VOID if mixed with Hi-Temps. Hi-Temps are a small diameter than regular plates, which means a bar loaded with a mixture of our plates and Hi-Temps will result in our plates taking all of the load, causing them to degrade faster.

Video: Learn More about the Rep Fitness Black Bumper Plates



Additional Information

Gear Specs


Brand Rep Fitness
Material Virgin Rubber
Bounce Low Bounce
Insert Material Zinc Coated Steel
10 lb width 1"
15 lb width 1.25"
25 lb width 1.75"
35 lb width 2.4"
45 lb width 2.83"
Made in USA No
Max Bar Load on Olympic Spec Bar 515 lbs
Plate Diameter 450mm
Free Shipping No
Grouped Special Price No
Grouped Special Price % Off
  1. Awesome review by Robert on 5/16/2016

    My wife and I purchased about $1600 worth of rep fitness gym equipment after we returned from Afghanistan, great quality, great price and excellent customer service!! Being that the wife is originally from Denver, buying from a local business just topped it off! Will be purchasing more bumpers soon!

  2. Great Plates review by Finding Fitness LLC on 10/28/2015

    We purchased probably a little more than 10 grand of equipment 2 years ago and buying from Rep was one of the best decisions. The quality is awesome. 2 years out and they still look gorgeous and solid.

  3. Solid Bumpers review by Lee on 10/12/2015

    These things are solid, do not smell, and are priced great. Very happy!

  4. Best Bumpers review by Josh on 6/1/2015

    These are the best bumpers for your money. There is a rubber smell at first, but it goes away quickly. I mean come on, they are made of rubber... I wouldn't even consider another brand, as these are both cheaper and better.

  5. Quality Bumper Plates and Honest, Friendly Customer Service review by Wawi on 5/25/2015

    I'm new to weightlifting and looking for a good bargain on bumper plates and found it here. I bought the 45-25-10 set. They ran out of the 10s and Matt offered me the 15s. I took the offer for the same price and couldn't be happier. They were delivered on a pallet with each plate neatly boxed. The plates are solid and compact and don't bounce high.

  6. Great Bumpers! review by Murray on 12/4/2014

    I bought the 10's to see how they are compared to Rogue and Again Faster. They seem more solid than Again Faster and compared to Rogue. Also, unlike Again Faster, the box looked in tact and not like it went through hell. Seems every package I get from AF is so beat up.
    I will buy more. Thx

  7. Great 10lb bumpers and service review by Kevin on 9/8/2014

    These bumpers are not only top notch, but a great value as well. Get yourself some!

  8. Buying from Rep Fitness was an excellent retail experience. review by Josh on 9/8/2014

    The website is very user friendly and the shipping was way faster than I expected. I will definitely buy from Rep Fitness again.

  9. Best bumpers I have. Incredibly durable. Little bounce. And the tens are thicker than normal tens. Very very satisfied with the product review by Cade on 9/8/2014

    If you are looking for quality then you should buy these bumpers. They are incredible and some of the cheapest out there. Extremely satisfied and recommended.

  10. Great for our high school weight room review by Paul Keeper on 6/18/2014

    We ordered about 3,000 lbs of bumper plates 3 months ago, and they have all held up really well. This is especially tough in our weight room because of so many novice lifters dropping them unevenly or with just the 10's and 15's. So far, no cracks, no pits in the rubber, and all of the collars are solid.
    I've recommended them to the surrounding High Schools and friends for when they need to revamp their weight rooms.

  11. great plates review by CrossFit gym owner on 4/29/2014

    Purchased a few full 260lb sets 3 months ago, and they have held up really well. Price was better than anything I could find, quality is as good as anything I've used. Expanding in about 6 months, so keep on eye out for another order Rep!

  12. great bumpers review by Jason F on 4/29/2014

    I live in Washington, so shipping anything here is expensive. However, Rep Fitness has free shipping for their bumper plates which is killer! My 350lb set has been awesome.
    They had a bit of odor and oil coming out of the boxes, but after wiping them down a bit, and using them, it went away after a week. I have a garage gym too, so I just let some fresh air come in during that week.
    - Jason

  13. Best bumpers for the money! review by Ian on 4/29/2014

    I got a 260# set of Rep bumpers about six months ago and I love them. Other than the odor that was almost unbearable in our little garage they are awesome. I scrubbed the weights with comet to get the oil off and let them air out on my deck for a week and now they don't smell at all. I recommend these weights to everyone when they mention buying bumpers.

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Rep Black Bumper Plates

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Durable bumper plates designed for cross training/HIIT workouts and Olympic weightlifting.

Price is listed per pair.

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