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REP 2K Gym Package

This package comes with everything you'll ever need for to keep your workouts diverse and intense! There is even enough equipment to work out with a partner. It includes our PR-1100 in the color of your choice, mixed-use barbell, bumper plates, FIDBench, dumbbells and HIIT equipment! For more detailed specs on the bars, benches, rack, please visit their individual pages.

Package Includes:

  • REP PR-1100 with weight storage - Foot print 20sqft & the weight storage add-on will not add additional height to rack.
  • 20kg REP Gladiator MX
  • REP Black Bumper Plate Set - your choice.
  • AB-3000 FI Bench
  • 3-in-1 Soft Plyo
  • 24kg Kettlebell
  • 16kg Kettlebell
  • 20lb Medicine Ball
  • 14lb Medicine Ball
  • 2 Pairs of REP Rubber Hex Dumbbells - your choice
  • Landmine Attachment (optional)
  • Medium Sandbag

Want more plates or other equipment? You can easily add many other items to your package and still only pay one shipping cost.

2K Gym Package

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A fully-equipped garage gym for you and a partner for around $2000!

*Photos shown with optional add-ons*

NOTICE - Most packages are currently out of stock. We recommend going to our individual product pages to find the equipment you need! Note: Packages may not reflect accurate pricing when not stocked because of selections not chosen.

Customize 2K Gym Package
REP 1000-series Weight Storage   + $219.99
REP Lat and Row Attachment for PR-1000 and PR-1100   + $259.99
REP Kettlebell - 24 kg (53 lbs)   + $99.99
REP Kettlebell - 16 kg (35 lbs)   + $69.99
Landmine attachment for Power Racks   + $89.99
Dip Attachment for 1000-Series Racks   + $79.99

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