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  • Latest inventory update and equipment offerings

    We've been really busy over the last couple of months getting a large amount of inventory headed to our warehouse. Some of the updates include:

    1) Our Training bars are now made in the USA, 165k tensile men's, 140k tensile women's, and the price was lowered from $235 to $219/199! These bars are a fantastic value. Available in early September.Rep Training Olympic Bar

    2) Excalibur bars have a stronger knurl, grooved sleeves, and zinc shaft/chrome sleeves for enhanced durability. These tweaks were based on feedback from our first round of bars, and we believe this will make the Excal bars as near to perfect as we can get. Available early September.

    3) Training bumper plates now have logo embossed instead of printed. The print wears off, embossed logos don't. We also changed the rubber formulation a bit to prevent cracking on the 15's and 10's.

    4) Wood rings and plyo boxes. We now offer our own Made in the USA wood rings, and our ring maker also supplies our plyo boxes now. The boxes have a unique puzzle joint for enhanced strength and are CNC machined for consistent fit and finish.

    5) More kettlebell sizes. We now have 8 kg and 32 kg.

    6) More steel equipment offerings. More racks, rigs, and weight storage options.

    7) Jump ropes. We have higher quality jump ropes now perfect for double-unders.

    We'll soon offer our own brand of just about everything you could need to get a good workout in, and it will all be stocked in our store for pickup or shipment from one location to help save on shipping costs. We're growing as fast as we can and look forward to providing everyone with great gear at reasonable prices with excellent service.

  • Thank You & Stock Update

    We're now sold out of our Training bumper plates, and there isn't much left of our kettlebells, Elite plates, or bars. We're thankful for all of the support we've received from our customers and we only plan to get bigger and better as we fine tune our operation, get more stock in, and continue to deliver the kind of quality and service you expect from an elite equipment supplier.

    Next shipment of plates, kettlebells, and bars should be sometime in mid July. We'll update as the time gets closer with further details.

  • Open for Business!

    We're excited to announce that our store in Longmont, Colorado is now open for business. Feel free to stop by anytime M-F from 10am to 6pm this week. We may scale back hours after the first week or so, but if we do then we'll announce that here. Our address is 1136 Kimbark St. Unit B, Longmont, CO 80501.

    All of the bumper plates are currently in stock, and we'll have our Olympic bars in stock soon with an eta of April 29th. We're happy to report that everyone who came in to pick up their pre-orders was just as happy with the quality of our product as we are. Our steel equipment such as power racks, squat racks, weight storage, etc... is here and on display. Stock of our most popular items will be here within the next 2-3 weeks.  You can always check our blog, give us a ring, or our Local Pickup page for updates



    If we don't have something you want, let us know! We are running at full speed getting equipment here, updating designs, and we can make changes on the fly to any of our equipment. We look forward to becoming your go-to supplier for the highest quality fitness equipment.

  • Bumper Plate Pre-orders and First Wave Launch

    Are you getting excited yet? We are! Our bumper plates, both Training and Elite, are available for pre-order now for those of you who want to make sure you get your set before we sell out. They will be available for pick up on April 19th or any day after at our Longmont, Colorado office location, and ship out shortly thereafter to those that need them shipped. Initial Training plate pre-orders will be limited to sets of 160 & 260 lbs. This is done to ensure we don't run out of one particular size of plate and make everyone else wait for more stock.

    When you pre-order, your credit card will be authorized, but it will not be charged until the plates are in our warehouse and ready to be picked up or shipped. At that time, you will get an email from us letting you know they have arrived and are available for pickup or are being shipped to you. For those of you planning on picking up: We will have plates setup to try. If for any reason you don't like the plates, you are under no obligation to go through with the purchase.

    Click here to go to our bumper plate page and choose which version of our plates you would like to order.

    Grand Opening April 19-20th

    Our office/warehouse/showroom will officially open on April 19th and our full line of products will be available for demo and pickup. Everything will be on display in our back warehouse/gym and you will be able test out our equipment to see how it holds up. For a full list of what we'll have available, read on.

    First Wave of Steel Equipment Available Now

    We have a full line of Rep Fitness steel equipment (everything pictured below is made in the USA) that is going to become available throughout the month of March and into the first two weeks of April. Initially, these products will only be available to ship from our factory in Indiana to your location, but for those of you local to the Denver, Colorado area, they will be available for pickup at our office starting April 19th. If you choose "local pickup" as your delivery method, we'll treat it the same as a pre-order and simply set your items aside and not charge you until they are available for pickup. Limited inventory will be available locally, so please pre-order if you want to ensure we have stock available. We'll also have Olympic bars, kettlebells, wall balls, and a variety of other equipment available upon opening. More details for those items will be released every week as we approach our opening. Here is what is available now, and what is coming soon:
    upcoming steel equipment

    Available Now to be Shipped (local pickup on April 19th)

    F. Yoke
    A-frame Plate Storage
    Plate Tree
    Pull Sled
    Farmers Handles
    Gun Rack Bar Storage
    9-bar storage

    Coming April 19th

    A. Power Rack with Weight Storage (all power racks and squat racks are 11 gauge, 2x3" steel)
    B. Power Rack
    C. Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar
    D. Squat Rack
    E. Wall-Mounted Squat Rack
    G. Horizontal Plate Storage
    L. Pull-up Bar (ceiling or wall mounted)
    M. Dip Attachment
    N. Parallettes
    Not Pictured and Coming April 19th
    Flat Bench
    3-post Sled / Wheel Barrow
    Bumper Stacker
    Olympic Bars
    -Men's Elite Bar (approx $289): 20kg, 28mm, 210K tensile strength, bushings, dual knurl markings, bright zinc coating, no center knurl
    -Men's Training Bar (approx $235): 20kg, 28mm, 110K tensile strength, bushings, dual knurl markings, manganese phosphate on shaft and bright zinc sleeves, no center knurl
    -Women's Training Bar: Same as men's, but 25mm diameter, 15kg weight, and lighter knurl
    Kettlebells: SIngle-cast gravity casting for extremely consistent finish (no rough edges). Black color. 12kg- $42, 16kg- $55, 24kg- $76
    Wall Timers (approx: $225): 6 digit programmable with Tabata and FGB 3 and 5 round pre-programmed
    Flooring: Laser cut 3/4" stall mats(much more consistent thickness versus regular stall mats)- $50 per 4x6' unit, foam and rubber coated foam mats with no odor good for home gyms or small studios- $2-4/sqft
    Collars: Spring clips and Proloc collars
    Plyo Boxes: 3-in-1 wood- 20x24x30" in both unassembled ($125) and fully assembled($135) options. High quality 3/4" cabinet grade plywood. Edges are sanded down to avoid scrapes.

    We're looking forward to seeing everyone at our opening and throughout the year whenever you're in need of high quality gym equipment. We encourage feedback too, so if there is something we don't have that you want, let us know and we'll see if we can order it or get it made.

  • Rep Fitness Line of Equipment Coming Soon!

    We're excited to announce that we've got a whole line of steel equipment coming soon. It's all made in the USA, and extremely high quality. In addition, we'll have 2 lines of bumper plates, our "Training" line and our "Elite" line, which will be some of the most durable and economical plates available on the market. Our inexpensive Training plates feature 10 lb plates specifically designed for CrossFit and will withstand more abuse than any other plate on the market. Here is a video demonstrating that:


    rep fitness farmers handles


    We're looking forward to providing you all with high quality fitness equipment at excellent prices. Keep checking back for more news and updates as we get closer to having it all ready and in stock!

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