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  • Colorado Fitness & Equipment for Crossfit

    Colorado Fitness & Equipment for Crossfit Serving Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, & the rest of Colorado. Rep Fitness is growing thanks in part to all of the support from local Colorado residents! We have some new equipment in, and a lot of equipment in stock! 10670080_703292496429270_4144722853478459593_n1. New Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar V2 - $399 Includes: - Spotter Arms / Safeties - 2 Pull Up Bars - Pegs - Can be used for bands, dips, & weight storage - Resin lined j cups - weight storage on the back - Options of 92" uprights or 108" uprights 2. Econ Power Rack - $299 Includes: - Safeties - Can handle 600lbs - Weight Storage on the back - 82" tall We also carry & have the following equipment in stock: - Kettlebells & Competition Kettlebells - Medicine Balls / Wall Balls - Barbells Olympic Bars - Weight Storages - Weight Tree & Bar Holder & Horizontal Weight Rack - Slam Balls - Foam Rollers - Wood Rings - Flat Bench - Spring Collars - Proloc Collars - Change Plates - Ab Trainers & More!

  • Rep Review Giveaway!

    We are looking to get the word out on our awesome Rep Fitness equipment by providing reviews on our social media & websites. 


    You earn entries by providing honest reviews in different places. Here's how to enter:

    1. Rep Fitness Product Review = 1 entry
    2. Rep Fitness Facebook Review = 2 entries
    3. Google Plus / Places Review = 3 entries
    4. Popular Equipment Forums = 5 entries (Forum Rules: established poster, know/follow rules, 50+ posts) Example forums: CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Reddit.
    5. Blog Post on your own website with link back to

    After you write a review, send an email to and let us know where you put the review. 

    Giveaway Prizes

    The Winner will get the choice of the following Rep Fitness Brand prizes:

    • 24kg or lower weight Kettlebell
    • Any size Slam Ball or Medicine Ball
    • Either size Wood Rings
    • 3-in-1 Plyo Box
    • $80 off Econ Power Rack or Squat Rack V2
    • 2 of any pull up bands
    • Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
    • Vertical Bar & Plate Storage
    • Flat Bench
  • Barbell Maintenance Guide

    Every barbell requires some maintenance over time, and some barbells require more or less.

    Black Oxide Barbell Maintenance

    This bar has fantastic feel, and even better than a zinc bar, but the oxide coating, while not bare steel, isn't as rust resistant compared to a zinc or especially chrome plated barbell.

    To clean the knurl, take a plastic brush and mild detergent.  Then wipe down the bar with 3:1 oil and use the plastic brush again and the steel will absorb some of the oil and stay in better condition.   Wipe off any excess oil.

    Over time a black oxide barbell with most likely form a patina, but that is purely cosmetic.  However, our Rep barbells should last for a very long time.

  • Fitness Motivation Images 10/30/14

    Here's some fitness motivation images to help you keep going!

    1.) Winners vs Losers

    winners vs losers

    2.) Dedication
    dedication3.) Don't stop trying!

    failure4.) Victory through strength


    5.) Fitness - Take the power back!fitness

    Don't forget we are still running a 20% off sale for 4kg, 8kg, & 20kg Rep Kettlebells! ALL COMPETITION kettlebells still 20% off. Visit: or click the image below.

    kettlebell sale

  • Shane's Garage Gym Part 2

    Click here -> Shane's Garage Gym <- for part 1

    Shane is co-owner of Rep Fitness, and today we dig into what other tools he is using to outfit his home gym.

    Q. Last time, you discussed a lot of nuts and bolts of what you need to start with an awesome home gym.  What are some often overlooked pieces to putting together a garage style gym?

    Shane - A few of the often overlooked pieces to a home gym would be flooring, massage tools, warm up equipment, grip training, stretching and auxiliary exercise bands, sandbag, and a timer - to keep you accountable while training at home.

    Q. Sounds like a good list!  Can you give a breakdown of why each of these is important so someone who is outfitting their gym can get a better understanding of why you chose them?

    Shane - Sure, I get a ton of questions from customers via e-mail and over the phone, so I'll be happy to put some more information out there.

    1. Flooring - You want some heavy duty flooring, not just some cheap thin carpet.  The flooring will protect your bumper plates, have them last longer, protect against scraping up your kettlebells, and some concrete is weak and you can protect the concrete slab as well.  If you plan on doing any Olympic weightlifting, you want some durable rubber flooring!  We use 4x6' 3/4" rubber flooring here for our showroom and it is what we use for CrossFit boxes too.

    pull-up-bands---rep-fitness-blog2. Foam Rollers - Hard training takes a toll on your body, and as important as it is to train hard, you've got to rest hard too.  This not only means taking some off-days, but also having some active recovery days where you are working into those tight spots, massaging the sore muscles, and working on some mobility.

    3. Pull up Bands - Stretch Bands - It's been a long time since I needed any assistance with pull ups, now I'm hanging 24kg kettlebells off a dip belt for reps!  But, they are perfect for auxiliary exercises for my rotator cuffs and hip flexors.  I also use them for a range of stretches and warm ups.  A popular shoulder warm up in CrossFit and Olympic lifting - Youtube Shoulder Warm Up - I replace using a band for a couple reasons.  One - I can take a narrow grip and the band will pull on my shoulders as I go overhead, which eliminates any of the readjusting I have to do with a broomstick.  Also, I don't have to buy a PVC or broomstick... I can use something that already has multiple uses.

    4. Sandbag - For days when I don't want to hit the barbell or kettlebells, I go for my sandbag.  Great as a grip trainer, adds a variable of instability that my whole body has to deal with, and I use a lot of coordination as it shifts around in my hands or on my shoulders.  I consider these my GPP days or general physical preparedness days.  While there is a ton of debate about GPP vs your dumbbell/barbell lifting, you can debate that lifting stuff in real life is rarely all stuck on a barbell, so you've got to train a bit for these odd grips and shifting weights.  Either way, it is smart to mix it up to relieve some of the wear in tear in the same patterns of movement.

    rep-interval-timer-blog5. Interval Timer - The Rep 6 Digit Programmable Interval Timer to be specific.  I used to use a stop watch that I would squint down at, but now that I've got this bad boy in my garage, I couldn't be happier with it.  I dim it down in the mornings and evenings, and when the sun is shining bright, I keep it bright.  I can turn off the noise "beep" when I'm working out late at night, or leave it on to play over my music, and I can always keep track of my workouts down to the millisecond.  And hey, for everyone working out at home, we all have days where we just don't want to put in 100% effort.  On those days, I do a quick warm up, and set the timer for 20 minutes and just go hard.  I keep the intensity high, but I'm in and out in under 30 minutes total so I can jump in a cold shower and feel refreshed to take on the day!

    Q. Great, I'm sure our readers will find this very useful!

    Shane - You're welcome!  And for our readers, if you have any questions, leave a comment, contact us on Facebook, or shoot us an email/call.    Always happy to help people set up an awesome home gym.

    Starting building your own -->  customized garage gym  <--

  • Which Mindset Do You Have?

    motivational mindset Have the Right Mindset
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